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Real Power

Real Power

Where does the REAL POWER to transform your practice actually come from?

My golf instructor was showing me a video clip of what he called the perfect drive.

“Everything is all lined up and headed in the same direction, and each piece accelerates the next until maximum power and speed is reached right at impact.” He was gushing now. “When you hit the ball that way, you barely feel it and it goes like a rocket!”

Some time later I hit the ball exactly that way and he was right; it felt effortless. That shot has a lot to teach us chiropractors about how to create real power and passion to transform your practice. Let me explain:

I’ve known and coached some of the most successful chiropractors in the country. I’ve helped brand new graduates grow by hundreds of visits a week and become super-successful; I’ve guided the already successful doctor to replicate his talent in associates and build and sell satellite offices. IN EACH CASE THE POWER COMES FROM THE SAME PLACE AS A GOOD GOLF SWING: THE RIGHT ESSENTIALS ALL LINED UP AND HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

When you think about it, that’s exceptionally good news. It means there’s a formula or a recipe, and if there’s a recipe, you can “whip up a batch” of the same success and power – if you’re willing to follow the steps.

Now, I’ve been working practice success for a long time and I’m sure I understand the right steps and the right sequence. Here they are:

First, you must have a strong VISION. Every successful chiropractor SEES themselves as successful, and the more successful they are, the clearer that vision is. With a clear vision your subconscious mind is constantly seeking opportunity, solving problems and moving you forward as if drawn by an invisible force. At the end of this article I’ll help you clarify and strengthen your vision.

Secondly, you need GOALS. The energy created by a strong vision must be given a task. That’s what your goals are – the work to fulfill your vision. Set goals just out of your reach – they must challenge you. Make goals clear and defined – they should never confuse you. Review these goals everyday – you must never forget.

Third, we need some ACTION. Do you understand how a strong vision and clear goals create spontaneous energy and action? Think back to when you were in high school and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) was at a friend’s house for a sleepover? I hitchhiked 80 miles, and got there at 3 a.m. as energetic as can be! Believe me, it was my vision and I had a goal.

With a strong vision, clear goals and the right action steps, things start to happen almost automatically. You see what you want in your vision, define it with your goals and then your subconscious mind sends you on the mission of building the practice of your dreams with your action steps. I’ve got some more great news here. Everything you need to do to be successful – someone else has already done it. Isn’t that exciting? First, it means it CAN be done and second (and this is the best part) there’s a path or RECIPE to follow.

Here’s what the super-successful chiropractors do: they keep their ears open for what’s really working, then they search like crazy for the best action steps (recipes) to fulfill their vision and reach their goals. Then they follow those recipes to the letter and make sure they stay functional as long as possible. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.

OK, we have vision, goals and action steps and here’s where REAL POWER comes from. THEY MUST BE IN ALIGNMENT – no one should understand this better than chiropractors. When your vision is off to one side and your goals are stuck out to the other, you cut off the life flow and lose power. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE – do everything needed to get back in alignment! That’s where REAL POWER is.

Fourth, your conversation about you and your journey must be positive, encouraging and most of all clean and clear of any “victim-speak.” You know what I mean. There can be NO “why-me, poor-me” comments or you’re dead in the water. The most accurate predictor of failure is “victim-speak.” Avoid it and those who speak it like the plague.

Fifth is commitment. Good, old-fashioned determination. The wisest men throughout history all know that the man who refuses to quit is the one who has the best chance of winning. Now, put the pieces together: with a strong vision, clear goals, proven formulas and recipes, positive self-talk and commitment, you have everything lined up and headed in the same direction. It’s like my golf coach’s video clip; it’s the PERFECT DRIVE that produces the REAL POWER to build and TRANSFORM your practice.

I want to leave you with some parting advice; don’t try this journey on your own. It usually doesn’t work and it’s nowhere near as much fun. Find a good coach and build strong relationships with that coach and his clients, and enjoy the game and find REAL POWER.

If you need some help with your vision, go to and click the Vision Link!

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