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Real Power

Real Power


I have two programs with the term empowerment in them. The Associate Empowerment Project and the Clinic Director Empowerment Project. I love the word empowerment and, in this short video, I’m going to talk about what I believe real power is.

Now I’m in my gym right now, and there are some powerful people here. People who lift substantially more than I do and, now granted, they’re a lot younger, but I never lifted what they lifted. So, what is real power? Now, some people might see a superhero, you might think of The Incredible Hulk, or Thor, or Iron Man, or you might think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the muscle guy, or a powerful personality, somebody who dominates. The way that I see power is the ability to pursue the right goals for the right reason, for the right result, for the right length of time and, not give up. In my view, that’s what real power is and, in this video, I’m going to develop that a little bit further.

So, first, let’s talk about our purpose. Let’s talk about the right reason. We, as chiropractors, have an opportunity to do things that that no other profession has an opportunity to do. We work on a shoulder to shoulder with innate intelligence, the power that built the universe. We also have a chance to be on the side of the underdog. You know, chiropractic has been persecuted, and has been pushed around that chiropractic patients discriminated, so we have a beautiful, wonderful, reason. When our reason becomes our mission, then I believe we start to tap into our power. It’s something that’s bigger than us. We can wrap our life in something that’s bigger than us, so we do it for the right reason. We do it the right way. We do it the right way in our hearts. We do it in order to give.

Now, do we want to receive? Yes, we do, we want to be very successful. We want to build huge, large practices. We want to help people, we want to have fun, we want to make money. But, helping people has to be number one. Not only helping our patients, but helping our community, helping chiropractic, developing staff people, and developing associates to see them in a win/win relationship.

So, it’s the right reason, that’s the right way, that’s the right approach for the right length of time. You know, one of the reasons that I have been able to do what I’ve done is because I’m constantly looking at where I want to go, and endeavoring to remain fascinated with the journey and the problem, and to not give myself a bunch of negative feedback about failures and you know, I’ve had some spectacular failures. But failure isn’t that I’m the failure, it’s just I learned a way that didn’t work and so, I want to stay fascinated.

I frequently, in order to stay passionately involved with the pursuit, I will recalibrate. I may not be as far ahead as I want to be, but I take a look at the progress that I’ve made and go, “Hey, great, look how far I’ve come.” And then, stay fascinated with the problem, and continue to pursue it, never giving up. Another part about never giving up is making the journey with people who are headed in the same place. Some people who are ahead of you, so that you can learn from them and be encouraged by them, and some people who are behind you, so that you can encourage them and you can teach them. So, if I wrap those things all together, if I take the right reason, the right way for the right amount of time, I’m going to get the right result.
I’ve talked to so many people just recently who have been on this journey with me, some of them for over 25 years, and still doing their best every year in practice and then, some people who have just started, and they’re struggling to get some traction but you know what, real power, real power is to do the right thing for the right reason the right way, for the right amount of time, and not giving up. So, it’s my encouragement to you. Also, I would say that if you’re having a rough time, reach out, reach out to me, reach out to George, If you’re doing well, I want you to share your wins with other Five Star Management clients, because they will be encouraged by that, by what you share as well. So, power, empowerment is understanding what your own power is, and developing on power.

So, I’ll talk to you guys later, bye bye.

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