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Ramp Up Your Marketing MOJO

Ramp Up Your Marketing MOJO



Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Where does your marketing MOJO come from? You know what I’m talking about -the enthusiasm, the desire to share the Chiropractic message. Well, one of the tips that I share with my associates and my clients is to focus on Chiropractic wins.

I had a book when I was in active practice with 12 top testimonies and several times a week, I would go into my office, I would be doing some paperwork there, my testimony book would be right there, and I’d grab that testimony book and I’d read…first of all, a patient of mine by the name of Tony, was called “The newest testament.”

And he told the story about how I went into the fourth floor of an apartment house and how we loaded him on a shelf, and me and several of my friends and his friends carried him down, because he couldn’t walk, and brought him into the office. One of his friends helped him standup in front of the X–ray, Buckey, and we took some films of him, and I adjusted him, and I raised the Hilo up and he walked out! I mean, he thought that that was a miracle. I thought that that was a miracle. I mean that was a Chiropractic miracle.

There was another testimony, a little guy by the name of Rodney. His mother brought him to me. He had had a cough all of his life. All of his life and I met him when he was about 3 years old. I found a subluxation in his neck, 2nd cervical, I adjusted that subluxation and within 3 days the cough was gone. Now I ended up checking that little guy all the way up into his teen years and through into his 20’s and that particular cough never came back.

So, story after story after story. If you read those stories, I mean don’t you just feel encouraged even just hearing those two stories? Now I would read those and I would remember those. Garbage in, garbage out. And so you’re fighting with the insurance companies and you’re working on this particular issue and maybe you have staff problems, and you know, that’s garbage.

One of the things we need to do is take time and remember the Chiropractic miracles that we’ve all seen.

So, here’s what I’d like you to do. If you aren’t taking testimonies, and I’m talking about old-fashioned paper testimonies where you can actually open a book and read them, look at the pictures and the testimonies, start doing that. And then secondly, make copies for your own special copy that you keep in your office. And then you’ve got the 12 top testimonies and then every now again when you’re marketing MOJO starts to dwindle, you can get a sense of mission, a sense of passion, a sense of excitement.

Frequently, I would be reading that book and then I would get word that I got a bunch of patients to take care of. And then I’d go back to the adjusting area and guess what the first thing that would fall off my lip after saying hi is, “you know, I was just reading a chiropractic testimony about a young guy that came to me, was 3 years old when his mother brought him in…” And I would start to relate that story.

So, if you want to have a higher sense of purpose, a higher sense of passion, collect great chiropractic testimonies, read those testimonies frequently, just to remind yourself garbage in, garbage out. But wonderful chiropractic philosophy and enthusiasm and miracles in, you’ll talk more about them and attract them into your life.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I hope that helps.

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