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Patient’s say YES to the TWO-PATH-STORY

Patient’s say YES to the TWO-PATH-STORY


Hey, my name is Dr. George Birnbach. I wanna tell you a story that sold two billion magazine subscriptions or newspaper subscriptions in a certain period of time. And it’s not an exaggeration. I’m not telling you this to be hyperbolic. It’s a very famous story and I wanna share it with you. It’s called, “A Tale of Two Men.” And it’s one of the most famous stories in business, honestly, and it’s the story of, well, it’s essentially about two young men who graduated from the same college with similar grades and similar demographics and similar degrees, and they went to work for the same company.

25 years later, one of those gentleman was managing his small department and really doing well for himself in managing his division. The other young gentleman was the president of the company. And the difference was that one of them read “The Wall Street Journal.” And it sold over two billion subscriptions to “The Wall Street Journal,” this sales concept, this story. This is called “The Tale of Two Stories.” It’s a two-path story. We start at the same place. One person did this and one person did this. The person who followed this path got these results and the person who followed this path got these elevated results. So it’s basically a template. We’re a chiropractic practice. We have an offer of a service. A service supplied to this person who chose to do this ended up like this. A person who chose to do this service in this way ended up like that. And one of those decisions made a much greater impact than the other.

In other words, people who made the decision to go with our service found these wonderful, wonderful results, and the people who chose not to go with our service, even though they all started from the same place, ended up with less than optimal results. Now, this doesn’t have to be something so dramatic where this person who started off in pain ended up in pain forever, and this person who started off in pain decided to follow through with this program and ended up the president of a nation. That’s not what we’re talking about. Almost every practice can build a two-path story multiple ways inside of a clinic. So the first way is, look, we work with a lotta people with chronic pain. We work with a lot of people who have symptoms that just are coming back time and time again. And we have a choice to make. We can either go home and try to figure it out ourselves, we can take the over-the-counter medication, or we can take a different approach and understand that every decision we make can impact our health. And if we just get out of our own way and allow our body to do what it was designed to do, it actually has the capacity to heal.

We just have to remove that interference and allow the body to do what it was designed to do, which is take care of itself. And that is what we are offering through the use of chiropractic. You see, that’s a two-path story, someone who’s not going to be on a program and someone who is gonna be on a program, and then we can share the testimonials or the success stories. But it’s that scaffolding, it’s that framework on the beginning that makes all the difference. Let’s do another example.

We have a brand new associate chiropractor, just studied their butt off to pass their boards, get out into the world. We’ve decided to hire them and give them a great starting base pay, and we’re gonna show them how to have a successful career in the world that we’re working in. So now we say, “Look, when we bring in an associate, we have to make a choice. Either that associate can go and follow their own personality and try to figure things out on their own, or they can follow a proven path to a fantastic career where we give you a deep end of the pool experience and we show you how to do the marketing, the chiropractic, handle the money, learn the administrative systems of an office, and develop the skills that you’ll need for an entire career.

This way, well, that’s like most associateships that usually end poorly, but this way, I can show you associate after associate doctor having wonderful careers, moving forward, raising families, and making more money than they ever thought they could. Can you see why going down this path makes sense?” That initial scaffolding of setting out the origination point but then having one decision going to the left and one decision going to the right with different results, that allows for a better conversation. That comparative really hits the mind well, and you will find more people following your path. So make a list of different services that you offer. Make a list of different people in your life and how you can use the two-path story to your advantage. All right, my name’s Dr. George Birnbach. Take this information, go have a whole lot of fun with it. It’ll help you connect, and when you connect, you convert. I’ll talk to you soon, bye bye.

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