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I’ve always wanted to take the train from London through the Chunnel to Paris and finally did. My only train ride in the US, other than the Blue Line from O’Hare to Chicago, was over 40 years ago when I took the Northern Pacific Empire Builder from Rockford, IL to Seattle WA home for Christmas. As a first year chiropractic student who had never been on an airplane or jet I enjoyed the experience. But that was then.

George and I had finished a Five Star UK seminar that Saturday in Chelmsford, Essex at Dr. Paul Irvine’s office – Thank you, Paul.

One of the things I love about doing Five Star in the UK is London, so after the seminar a few of us headed into the heart of London for a disturbing discovery – the best hamburger I’ve ever had in my life is in the UK at London’s Burger and Lobster. Truly, all four of us knew we were eating the best burger of our lives. I found that disturbing since I’m from an American and we American’s have the best meat products in the world, right? Sorry, the best burger’s in London. Damn.

Well, on to Paris: We boarded premium seats on the Euro Star (like Five Star), were served coffee and watched the English country side slip behind us, slowly at first, but then at a great rate. I knew we were whizzing along, but was surprised to learn we were speeding at over 200 mph. Wow. We slowed to 60 mph in the Chunnel, but shot back up to top speed through the French countryside on the other side and into the heart of Paris.

A short cab ride put us at our host’s apartment. A client’s son, Alexandre Grothman, had offered to put us up and give us a students view of Paris. He’s in his fifth year at the chiropractic college just outside Paris – the IFEC. I’ve never had a better tour. We walked to and through one wonderful site, street, Metro stop, cafe and or bar after another.

Our first night in town I spoke to a small group of chiropractors at Dr. Nicole’s office. Merci’ Doctor. Later that night we were sitting in a little bar with half a dozen of Alexandre’s classmates talking about chiropractic and all that lay ahead of them. The mix of French and their broken English was energetic and charming. I could not have had a better time.

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