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Paradigm Shift That Changes Everything

Paradigm Shift That Changes Everything


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and in this short video, this chilly morning, I’m going to share with you the keys to a paradigm shift that will have a tremendous impact on your practice.

So what is the paradigm shift that I’m talking about? I’m talking about going from a solo doctor to doing win win associates. Not the broken associate model that fails at 85%, not the solo doctor where you don’t get the help that you need, you don’t get the freedom that you want, and you don’t make the extra income that you deserve but bringing somebody into the clinic in a win win model.

I’m going to introduce you to several people today. One is Dr. Jeff Schels and Jeff and I had this great conversation. He told me that he was going to get out of chiropractic because when he was an associate, it was such a failed, broken model he wasn’t successful. He found a win win associates doctor to go to work for, became very very successful in that model, and now he has his own clinics and his own associates in a win win model.

Then there’s Dr. Jamie Cramer and Jamie had a great practice but she also wanted to have a great family. How do you combine those two? Well, she tells her story about how she did that with win win associate development.

Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, five maternity leaves and 15 best ever years in practice because she understood how to develop associates.

Then there’s Dr. Steve Jones and Steve was stuck at 80 visits a week, learned how to build his practice, brought in an associate and went to over 420 patient visits a week.

I’ve got so many different stories and these are just some. The reason I want to share these stories with you is because I want you to see and I want you to understand the reality of win win associate development.

Now, I’m going to be teaching on that in just 5 short weeks in Las Vegas. The information on it is over on the page right here on the right hand side so you can take a look and register for win win associate development.

Listen to some of these case studies that I’ve recorded and placed on the website. See if you can’t see yourself with a happy, productive, motivated associate who looks foreword to coming into the office in the morning, someone that you like, someone that you work with and there’s more than enough success for 2 doctors or 3 or even more!

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd. I want to see you in Vegas at win win associate development. See ya, buh bye.

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