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ONE Great Headspace Tool

ONE Great Headspace Tool


Hey, we’ve all heard that success is an inside job and in this short video I’m going to share with you the success prospective that I’ve seen that’s helped more people solve their problems and move on to great success than any other.

You’ve heard this: success is an inside job. It’s between your ears right? It’s that distance between your ears; it’s what happens in your head. This particular attitude that I want to talk to you about today is the one that makes the difference, in my experience, for more people than any other.

Let me explain it this way. It’s becoming solution focused rather than problem focused and I want to develop that in this third piece that I’m going to do this morning.

I was on a coaching call with a young woman, this was our third coaching call, and she began to give me the litany of practice problems. Now, I don’t always say this but I did this time, I said “I don’t want to talk about your problems anymore.” “Dr. Lloyd how are you going to help me if you don’t know what my problems are?” “Well, what I want to talk about are your solutions.”

Now, if you become problem focused, problems get closer and that’s all you can see is your problems. If you become solution focused, you really almost forget about the problem itself and you focus on action steps that will solve the problem.

For instance somebody said, “I had a terrible retention.” “What do you mean?” “Well my patient retention is half of what I recommend. I’ve got this bad retention…” Then you start to go out and find reasons for bad retention. It’s the people in my area, it’s my philosophy, and it’s all kinds of different things.

“Well let’s just break it down, let’s give a solution. So we need to educate patients on relief, correction and strengthening care. When do you do that?” “Well I don’t know that I do that?” “Well that’s do that, okay?”

“Number two, how about your recommendations, are they written out?” “Well I tell them what they need to do.” “Now this is a solution, let’s write them out. Let’s explain them, let’s come to an understanding.” “Okay.”

“Are you providing a financial solution?” “What do you mean by that?” “Well if somebody needs chiropractic care, they’re going to need to pay for it and so we need to solve the financial problem.”

So we become solution focused. If you become problem focused, that’s the first cousin to victim mentality and victim speak and that is the most dangerous conversation that I ever hear people have. Talking to themselves, about themselves as a victim is the surest predictor of future failure that I know. If you become solution focused then you take a look at the individual or mechanical pieces that need to happen and you work on those and I’ll be darned if things don’t change.

Success is an inside job. It’s that distance between your ears. One of the ideas that I want between your ears is that if you have a problem, focus on the solution. Break it down into individual pieces that you can do, work on it, and do it. That’s the way to get past that.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. I know this stuff works. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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