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On Reaching Goals

On Reaching Goals

philkrissbikeOne of the greatest definitions of success I heard is “Progressive realization of pre-determined worthy goals”.  Therefore if you want to be a successful person you must have pre-determined worthy goals!

  • Define exactly what it is you want. Start planning your next year’s goals in October. Write a story of what it will feel like to accomplish your goals and that you are living your dream. Take pictures of what you want and put it up on the vision board where you can visualize all of your goals in one spot.
  • Enlist the help of others. Form your own mastermind group of individuals that are at approximately your level of growth but have the same or similar dreams and visions as you do. Read books and turn and book reports to your mastermind group and all of you will benefit from the increased knowledge.
  • Hire a coach. Why not hire the best in the business? They will greatly shorten the time it takes to achieve success. All you need to do is do exactly what they tell you to do. Share your dreams with them as well.
  • Visit your goals often. At least glance at them once a day. Each day take some action step to make your dreams come true. Five or 10 minutes a day working on your goals can thrust your life into the stratosphere. Frequently run the movie of your success in your head.
  • Take note of your small successes. Look for those moments where for an instant where you are living your dream. Then say to yourself “I am living my dream!” Then analyze what you can do to make it happen again.
  • Work hard. When you have results in your mind that you are going to do something the uncomfortable action steps become easier to do. Then hard work is no longer hard work. It is the price necessary for success.

Be sure what it is all done to celebrate your victories! Take pictures. Go on a trip. Have a bragging session with your buddies. Write down what you’ve learned in the process and make your had a dojo for your soul.


20130422.phil.krissDr. Phil Kriss

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