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NOW is the PERFECT Time!

NOW is the PERFECT Time!


Hey, right now and I mean right now is the perfect time and we don’t want to miss the opportunity, it is that important so I want you to stay tuned to the next segment while I tell you exactly what I’m talking about.

You may or may not realize this but every single practice is first a small business. If the small business doesn’t support the delivery of chiropractic services, there’s no more practice.

Number two, the health of the business is reflected in the practice numbers or what we call statistics. Number three, this is the important part, in order to be able to steer your practice into a best-ever year in 2019, you have to understand what your practice statistics are and you have to know how to read them and how to make changes according to your stats in order to be able to have a productive practice and a great year.

It is always a bad sign if a doctor doesn’t know his or her practice numbers. I’ve had people say to me, “Ahhh I’m not a stats guy” or “I’m not a stats type of woman.” I would say that that’s code for I don’t have any understanding of what my business is doing and my practice is probably in trouble.

In this short video, I’m going to tell you exactly how to fix that and did I mention that now is the perfect time?

On January 8th, that’s a Tuesday, at 10:00am Pacific Time we are going to do a webinar. What I mean by we, I mean myself and Angie Morton who works with me as my copilot, and the title of the webinar is Practice Statistics Mastery. I want you to be a master, a ninja at understanding what your business is telling you through your practice numbers and that’s what we’ll cover. In this next segment I’ll tell you what’s so important about this particular webinar.

So in short, here’s what we’re going to cover. We’re going to cover the who, what, where, when, how, and why of every single statistic that you should be tracking. How to read those statistics, make sense of them, and make proper corrections based on statistics not vague feelings.

Now I want you to bring your copilot. Who’s my copilot? Your copilot is probably your super CA or maybe it’s somebody who works in billing who has an eye for numbers and can help you keep statistics and talk to you about the numbers that you’re seeing. So you come doctor and bring a copilot. I’m going to bring Angie and we are going to go through and we’ll answer the questions.

This is super, super important and it’s the best time to do this. Let’s start to track 2019 exactly like we should so that we can have a best-ever year because we’ll be able to keep the stress of a poorly run business away from our practice.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. I did this to do 10 clinics. I did this to manage dozens and dozens of associates. I know this stuff works. I’ll see you on Tuesday at 10:00am. Bye bye.

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