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Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

ConfusedThink about it – that’s a scary situation.

Great peril could be just around the corner. OR, you could be missing buried treasure just by an inch, even if you’ve been digging for decades.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a doctor shaking his head, accompanied by the now all too common lament “If I’d only known this years ago.”

On occasion I’ve helped doctors run the math on the disasters – actually calculating what I’ve come to call the “ignorance tax.”

One small tweak to an ROF can increase patient compliance and boost a practice by thousands of visits a year. “Damn. Not knowing THAT was sure expensive for everybody. What else don’t I know?”

It’s a serious problem, but it’s not your fault. You may think everyone has a devil of a time getting this or that done. And you don’t know that there’s a better, faster, easier or cheaper way.

The truth is, you may be just one number off on a winning ticket that pays out in increased patient compliance, a bigger practice, lower stress and literally a million dollar increase – when calculated over years.

“OK, I may be missing the boat – big time. NOW what do I do about it?”

Get connected with a group of docs headed in the right direction. Get in the middle of the stream of new information and best-practices.

“OK, I need to get connect, but to whom? YOU?”

“Hmmm. Maybe, but maybe NOT me. Let’s talk about what to look for in the right group for you in the following list.

  1. You’ve got friends that are with a management group. Ask them. If one of your buddies likes their coach and they have an event coming up, see if there’s an introductory offer for a live event.
  2. When you’re at the live event, see if there’s a free consultation available with one of the coaches in the group. Bring a ton of questions and make sure you tell them what you’re doing. Ask for feedback.
  3. Pick out 3-5 of the groups best and brightest to speak to at breaks. Ask them about their practice, how they like the company and what they’ve learned.
  4. Ask yourself if you like the feel of the group and if the approach fits your personality.
  5. Run the math: “If you did this group for a year, would you be better off than if you didn’t?” You want to at least make 5 to 1 on your money, preferably 10 to 1.
  6. If they have a seminar special, join up and keep the momentum going.
  7. Get a full practice evaluation with recommendations and DO THEM.

Hey, this isn’t rocket science. If the sharp people in the group are doing well, DECIDE that you will do at least as well as they do.

This is better than finding out you could have had a better practice and better life just because of what you didn’t know.

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