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New Win Win Associates Live Training Agenda

New Win Win Associates Live Training Agenda



Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and I’m super excited this morning and really looking forward to doing this video because I get to tell you what’s on the agenda for Win-Win Associates.

Now you probably know my story. I got injured, couldn’t practice anymore and I studied associate development and what I learned allowed me to develop super successful associates, to build 10 clinics with them and to sell those clinics to my associates. Now I packaged this all up and I teach Win-Win associate development. There are no losers.

So here’s what we’re going to cover: the first thing we’re going to cover when we get to Win-Win Associates is how to prepare and preparation is so important. It’s a whole new paradigm shift. It talks about the win win vision for developing associates, I’m going to teach you about the associate operating system, and the third thing in that section is what I call the recipe: who to pick, how to pick them, what to do with them. So that’s first. We’re going to talk about prep.

The second thing we’re going to talk about is hiring. In hiring we need to teach you how to interview correctly. You need to be able to choose the right people for you and not feel like a dancing monkey and not know what the right questions are. The second thing is how to make your offer and how to make your offer in such a way that you are the prize and the third piece and this is so important is onboarding. Bringing your associate into your culture the right way so it’s a great fit and you look forward to seeing them everyday.

The third thing that we’re going to cover is the launch and the launch is so important. We first want to have a clinic clone in our associate so we can get the time off that we want and they can get the time off that they want. So we need somebody who’s a clinic clone. Number two, we are going to have them marketing, teaching them how to produce new patients. We have so many of our doctors who’ve learned this principal and this concept and how to do it the right way whose associates actually make more money than they cost in the very first month. I’m also going to talk about mentoring templates that you can easily use so you can mentor and have a really, really good relationship with your associate.

Now if you prep right and you hire right you get the help that you need just the way that you want it. If you hire right and you launch right then you get freedom. You get somebody who can actually handle the practice in your absence. If you launch correctly in a good, prepped model you get extra money. You get the help that you’re looking for, you get the freedom that you desire, and you get the extra income that you deserve.

Now, we’re going to have cues and a’s. All of your cues are going to get a’s so we’ll do the question and answer thing. We’re going to have hot seats. I want to interview and ask questions of people who are doing this program particularly well.

It’s a ton of fun. It’s very, very inexpensive. It’s only $197 per chair in this particular seminar. Concurrently with Win-Win Associates we have 0-200 in Record Time and that’s a great seminar to bring your associate to. Now I don’t have time to talk about that in this video this morning, but plan to be there. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for the successful chiropractor who wants to help more people, have more fun, make more money, and who wants to develop great associates in a win win relationship.

I’ll see you in Vegas!


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