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New Website and ANOTHER thought…

New Website and ANOTHER thought…

How do you like the new website? I’m thrilled with the design and function. Things will continue to evolve over the next few months, but this is 95% the look and feel. Hats off to Philip Cordova and his team for hard work.

A word about Phil V. Cordova or PVC as I like to refer to him in email. Phil was bright when I met him, but not the internet search engine optimization (SEO) genius he is today. After coaching Phil and his wife Natalie and hearing about all the internet new patients he was getting, I asked him why that was. Basically hundreds of hours studying the real tricks of SEO. On the strength of his practice stats I became his first commercial client. Mind you, I had bought the big promises from at least two chiropractic site guys before and got nothing. When Phil took over my site I was rated 111th in an organic Google search. “Is that bad?” I asked. “Not if you’re in witness protection.” Phil said. Today we get new 2 to 4 new patients from the internet every week.

After a full year of Phil serving Five Star clients with rave reviews and now getting the scalability right, Five Star is helping Phil branch out. All our best to you Phil!

ANOTHER thought: George and I are headed to New Jersey on Friday. The word from the ANJC is that I get to share with 400+ DCs from the Garden State. I’m very excited. I get the kickoff hours on Saturday morning and I’m really looking forward to the visit.

ANOTHER thought. I got a couple emails this week from veteran DCs that I respect. Both are doing their first year with Five Star. Dispite their 15+ successful year in practice and a less than stellar economy, both are headed for a personal best ever year with Five Star and both say that practice is easier than it’s been in years. I’m proud of them, but also proud of Five Star, what we teach and how we care for our clients. It’s a pleasure. If you feel like it, help me out on my blogging by commenting below. I promise I’ll read it. Thanks.

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