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New Patient Tools & Strategy

New Patient Tools & Strategy



Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

I’m doing my video blog this week on New Patients in preparation for our New Patients Seminar that’s coming up in about a month’s time. And when I speak to doctors, who are interested in Five Star Management or The New Patient Academy, how many hours a week they actually spend in organized marketing, whether external or internal, the average answer is less than one. AND many, many doctors tell me zero. Now if you don’t have any new patients and you aren’t doing any marketing, maybe there’s a relationship?

In this short video, I’m going to share with you how to use one of the best tools in order to change that; from zero or one hour, to enough hours to put enough new patients in your practice that will make you a successful chiropractor just the way that you want to be. So, stay tuned!

So, what’s the tool that I’m talking about? Now every single office that has their new patient marketing under control, has one of these. If you’re producing 50, 60, 70, 80 new patients a month or 100 or more, I know you have one of these, I know you rely on it, I know you use it well, and if you don’t see enough new patients now and you want to have 30, 40, 50, 60 or more new patients a month, you’ve gotta have one of these! What is it? It’s a marketing calendar.

Now, a marketing calendar serves several different functions. One of course, to organize your marketing, but another function is to serve as a reminder so that you can take a look at your weeks or your months ahead, and start to think about what you might plug in there. In this next section here, I’ll show you how to use it, not only as an organizer, but also as a reminder and a way to stimulate new patient marketing in your office.

So your marketing calendar exists in most offices as a dry erase calendar and the dry erase calendar is one that will have blanks so you can put your months in. And so I’ve just put in January, February, March, April, all the whole year. And so one of the things we are going to do with this full year calendar, and we’ll talk about one month and what one-month looks like in a little bit, is I’m going to put my big events.

Now some of you do a patient appreciation day. If you don’t know how to do a patient appreciation day, it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s a big party. It’s reactivation systems, it brings people back in, it’s inviting new people in and you do those twice a year. So, I’m going to take my blue marker, and we do those in May and we do one of those in November. This is just a big party right here and this is the food drive right here. One of the things we’ll d in the upcoming seminar, is teach people how to have a really good, productive office party and food drive. You might do a toy drive. Okay, so those are a couple things on your calendar.

Now, maybe there are a couple large street fairs that you might do. Or you might do a health fair. You’re invited every single year to this particular health fair. It’s something that you look forward to. You might put that in your calendar here and you might put that in your calendar down here. So pretty soon we start to put some events in. Now if I have calendar, it functions as a reminder. This calendar silently says, “Hey Noel, I want you to think about marketing today.” Now if that brings to mind my marketing, than my subconscious mind is working on helping me put events in here.

Have you ever had this happen? You have a great idea. You go to a seminar and get all jazzed up, you go home, 40 hours of chiropractic hits you square in the kisser when you walk in the office and then pretty soon that idea is out of your head. 90, 120 days goes bye and then you think “Holy cow! I forgot all about this!” If you post your marketing calendar in a place that it can remind you, that we’ve got to do some marketing if we want new patients, then it can not only service as an organizer, but it also serves as a reminder.

By the way, I’ve had different dates sneak up on me. And one of the things doctors have happen to them on patient appreciation day, is this “Oh my gosh! We’ve got this on the calendar, but we haven’t done anything about it.” Or “We should’ve had it on the calendar and that’s why we didn’t do anything about it.” And it’s going to happen in two weeks. Well two weeks preparation for a patient appreciation day is too little time. You end up doing a bad job of it. The event doesn’t work. So, use this as a reminder and as an organizer. We are going to take a look at a month in this next segment and I’ll talk to you about how that can help stimulate putting more things in.

Now, here we are with a month taken out of the full year calendar. So let’s talk about some of the marketing we already do. So, let’s say that you do a new patient orientation class and you do that once a week. Now that’s marketing because you get a chance to sit down with brand new patients who may only know that Shelly got help from chiropractic and I’m going to come in and I’m going to get help from chiropractic and Dr. Lloyd. Well, wait a minute, hasn’t this patient already been through my Report of Findings and haven’t we given them good literature and don’t they know about chiropractic? Well, not they don’t. During their report of findings, people learn a little bit about chiropractic, they should learn more, but they are frequently overwhelmed by all the information we give.

So, sitting in a new patient orientation class. I am just going to put that on Monday. Hey look at this! I’m doing one hour a week, that’s my new patient orientation class,. Now, if my new patient orientation class is on the calendar, it’s also a reminder for me in my office meeting on Tuesday, I can talk to my CA about the need to get all the new patients into the new patient orientation class. Why? Because it’s on the calendar. Last week we only had 3 people there and we had 5 or 6 new patients. We need to get more people there. So this being on the calendar becomes a project that you work on.

Now speaking of Tuesday, how about testimony Tuesday? What do you mean testimony Tuesday? Well, every Tuesday at our office meeting, on our office meeting agenda, it says testimonies. We are either going to collect a video testimony or a paper testimony, or we’re going to ask certain patients for online testimonies like a Google review, or a yelp review, or city search, or one of the other local review opportunities. So, every Tuesday. Now, we start to put different marketing events in. This serves as a reminder and an organizer.

Now let’s say that you like to do personal injury work. You like a personal injury case because you’re good at it. Personal injury cases are typically misdiagnosed. The orthopedic surgeon, if it’s just a soft tissue injury, doesn’t think it’s serious and you know it is. You do really, really well. You know, that could be Thursday attorney coffee. Now, I’m going to put a goal or an objective and then when I actually get a coffee booked – I’m going to be with Ted Smith on this particular Thursday. Well, it’s on my calendar, my CA looks at the calendar, knows to put it in the appointment book.

Now you can take 3-7 hours of internal and external marketing pushed together. If it makes the calendar and if the calendar synchronizes with your appointment book, then you have a chance of getting it done. Instead of going away to a seminar, getting all jazzed up about all the new patient things you’re going to do and then coming home, BOOM, 40 hours of chiropractic hits you square in the kisser as soon as you walk in the door on Monday morning. Then all this stuff gets left behind. Before you show up at the office, go to Office Depot, they open at 7:00, get one of these dry erase calendars and put it up on your wall.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have enough things to put in your calendar, your not really comfortable doing a new patient orientation class, you don’t have a form and a procedure for getting a testimony from a patient, and you wouldn’t know what to say to an attorney if you sat down with him, and you don’t know how to do a new patient orientation class, and you’re not sure how to do a screening, well then what you should do is you should join us at Too Many New Patients, which is an upcoming seminar we have on getting Too Many New Patients.

By the way, it’s fun to hear some of the stories of our clients who’ve attended this and added 10, 12, 15 extra new patients to their practice in a week or a month and to see those practices double, triple, or quadruple.

So, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd. This particular tool, a calendar for organizing your marketing and reminding you, will help you. If you want to come to the seminar, you can learn more about it by pushing the button up there in the right hand side, says “LIVE TRAINING” and it’s going to talk about the Too Many New Patients Seminar. We’ll see you there.


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