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New Jersey

New Jersey

Just had a great time with the ANJC DCs and CAs in Asbury Park, NJ. Springsteen and Bon Jovi  fans already know that’s where the Stone Pony is.

300+ wonderful DCs packed the room for 13 Keys to Best Ever Year, Three Phases Chart and New Patients, New Patients, New Patients! I love the encouragement I give and get when I share true life stories about how Five Star clients are doing in today’s challenging practice environment.

New Jersey has one of the largest state associations in the country and they know how to fight for chiropractic. I love their attitude and appreciate their contribution to the profession.

Quite honestly, I ended up feeling like all of us at Five Star have an strong advantage over doctors who are out their trying to do it alone. Here’s what I mean: At Five Star we have the opportunity and privilege and of moving together in the same direction, with other driven people. The vast majority of Five Star clients are helping more people, having more fun and being successful than they ever have. New doctors are growing and succeeding and long time docs are doing their best months even – even after 35 years of practice. Five Star is not just a company, but a tribe, a philosophy and a movement that gives success and power to all of us who are involved.

More on this as this thought develops…

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