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My Secret to Staying Excited About the Journey

My Secret to Staying Excited About the Journey


That’s the Pacific Ocean, isn’t that cool? I’m a little bit south of Los Angeles and today, I wanna talk to you about one of my favorite phrases that I use to keep me in the game, to keep me focused, to keep me happy, and to keep me moving forward. And I will share that with you in the very next segment.

I’m absolutely certain that if you’ve followed my stuff for any length of time, you’ve heard me say, “Fall in love with the process “and the results are assured.” If you fall in love with the couch, the remote control, with Cheetos, with beer, the results of that process are assured. You’re gonna need a wheelbarrow to move your tummy or your bummy around because Cheetos, beer, inactivity, couch, remote control, that process just brings on not fitness and too much body weight. But if you fall in love with working out or aerobics or Pilates or yoga, you’re going to get the fruit of that process.

Now I’m in Southern California right now and I’m meeting with about 130 other people who are in the process of solving their clients’ problems. And you know what? It’s really interesting. I was talking to a gentlemen who’s almost my age. He’s about 65 years old. Very, very successful coach in another industry all together. And I said, “So, tell me, “how long do you think you’ll do this?” And he said, “I love my work. “I love it.” He says, “I don’t know what I would do “if I didn’t do this.” And I said, “David, I feel the exact same way.”

I love the process of not only finding a new client, but an established client who’s got a problem and helping them solve that problem. In fact, I take a look at a lot of these problems that I’ve had in my life as gifts, gifts that send me on a mission in order to get smarter, get stronger, be more resilient, be more kind, be more loving. And I fall in love with the process. And if you fall in love with the process, then you get the results of that process.

So how does that apply to all of us? So if you’re in a chiropractic practice, you’ve probably heard me say that the chiropractic practice is the gymnasium of the soul. You get a chance to work on every single character attribute that you never wanted to. You get a chance to work on your courage, the courage to tell the truth, the courage to manage your team, the courage to be a leader. You get a chance to work on your love, to actually be loving when you don’t feel loving. You get a chance to work on all kinds of these wonderful, different character attributes that actually build you.

Why is it that many chiropractors continue to practice into their 80s, and some that I’ve known, into their 90s? It’s because they love that place, that gymnasium of the soul where they got a chance to serve people. They worked on their service. And they just, they get a chance to give. So fall in love with the chiropractic practice. Fall in love with all of the problems. Team problems. New patient problems. Finding your associate problems.

Fall in love with that process. Become fascinated with it. Treat it like an RPG, a role-playing game. RPGs, role-playing games are video games that kids play. And they become a particular character and then they go on this journey and they collect treasure and weapons and new lives. You know, that’s all fantasy. And all you’re doing is like this on a controller, but you’re playing a game in your mind.

We get a chance to actually change people’s lives if we do this role-playing game of being this wonderful chiropractor and you do it really, really, really well. So let’s go back to our original premise. Fall in love with process. “Well Noel, I don’t like the process. “The process is just, it’s painful.” Well then you’re doing it wrong.

You know what? You need to gang up with other people who are in the same process that you’re in. You need to make sure that you get your questions to your coach so that we can get some solutions. You need to every now and again recalibrate, take a look at how far you’ve come.

I believe if you do that, you’re always gonna have something that’s challenging. You’re always gonna have something that’s fulfilling. And the fruit of that process is that you’re gonna reach people who desperately need you with chiropractic care.

I was in line at a theater one time, and a young woman who I’d taken care of since she was a toddler came up to me and she says, “Oh, Dr. Lloyd, “I want to introduce you to my fiancee.” And he was a nice, young man. And then she told this story. “Dr. Lloyd really helped my mom “and then helped my grandmother “and then they brought me in to see Dr. Lloyd “when I had this. “And then he’s been to our house. “Oh, he’s just meant so much to us.”

And I listen to that from the patient’s perspective. And it was because I was willing to fall in love with a process of solving all of my practice problems so that at a particular moment, I could be present time conscious with first, her mother and her grandmother and then with her, and to watch her grow up loving chiropractic. And quite honestly, it was quite fulfilling and so sweet to hear about how the family loved me because I was willing to fall in love with the process.

So I’m down here, getting better at my process because I wanna be the best coach that I can possibly be. I’m the oldest person in this group , and I still have the energy and the excitement and the desire to do my best work. And I think that that’s because I’ve fallen in love with the process.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, and for you, falling in love with winning and becoming victorious and succeeding in all of your challenges. Talk to you later, bye-bye.

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