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My very first food blog

My very first food blog

Before today I had never written one word about food – never.  It may surprise you that there are about a zillion food blogs. After all, everyone eats and all it takes is a couple of taste buds and an opinion to qualify as an expert. I might be living proof of that.

I’ll try to shorten this up as much as possible. First, I like caviar and have had it on several occasions while dining with son Chris Lloyd. We’ve enjoyed father son dinners at some of the best restaurants in the world. In those joints you’re bound to bump into some caviar.

I could go on and on about the smooth, delicate and complex flavors, but I’ll leave all that to the real food bloggers. I like it because it tastes good.

NOW, every day for over four years I drive by The Seattle Caviar Company ( I’m not obsessed, it’s just between my home and Five Star. I had never stopped in once – until last Thursday. Here was my reasoning: It’s the end of a very successful year. I’ve got the time and I’ll be darned it they aren’t open! What luck. Turns out the owners, Dale and Betsy Sharrow, are parents of a classmate of my son, Chris and I’ve never been by to pay my respects.

After a cordial greeting I was invited to taste some caviar. Out come 6 small jars and as many small plastic spoons. Metal spoons are no good for caviar. The flavors are so delicate that the oxidation of the metal of the spoon ruins the taste. Silver is the absolute worst choice and small mother of pearl spoons are the weapon of choice for the connoisseur.

I make my choice – one ounce of sustainable California White Sturgeon Caviar. Everything to this point is like other tastings, such as wine. BUT after I make make my pick, out comes the special cold case with ice packs and the instructions “Keep it in this case in the coldest part of your refrigerator – 26-32 degrees. AND do not put it in the freezer.” Wow, I’ve got “care” instructions. I feel the responsibility rising.

OK, some are thinking I forgot my promise to be brief – Here goes:

1. Earlier tonight I prepare 5 condiments – chopped egg white and yoke, onion, capers, sour cream and toast thin slices of toast. I pop the cork on a split of champagne.

2. While the prep is moving forward, I Google up a real food blog that says skip the condiments. “They just overpower the caviar. Eat them after you’ve finished the caviar.” Hmmm. Lots of prep to skip the condiments, but I’ll do a taste test. Caviar without and with condiments.

3. AND the winner is – CAVIAR all by itself! The blogger was right, even the bread overpowered the delicate smooth, slightly salty and perfectly textured pearls (do I read like a food blogger yet?).

Ended up making egg salad out of the chopped egg, onion and capers. That was pretty good too, but I’ll spare you the description.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Here’s to a fun and prosperous 2013!

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