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My FAVORITE New Patient Secret!

My FAVORITE New Patient Secret!



Hi, it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Over this last weekend I taught a seminar called Too Many New Patients. We get together a bunch of Five Star Management clients, our CA’s who work with our clients and we have a special CA teacher, Phyllis Frase, and Phyllis will take the CA’s and she will teach them on ways that they can produce new patients. And over on the doctor’s side, we’re working with the doctors.

And one of the things I love the most about being in practice and about producing internal new patient referrals, was collecting chiropractic testimonies. And I’m going to share with you in my next segment here, how I collected a ton of testimonies and produced gobs and gobs of new patient referrals.

So, here’s the set up: you probably have a chiropractic testimony of your own, I know that I do. As a little kid, about age 5, I got my first chiropractic adjustment-literally changed my life. I’ve told so many people my Chiropractic testimony and I know that people that I have spoken to before I came a chiropractor actually were encouraged to go on and get Chiropractic care because of my Chiropractic testimony and when I’m in the office, I just love to hear great Chiropractic testimonies.

I mean, what we want to do, is we want to help people, we want to have fun, we want to be successful. Well, if I’m helping people, I should be able to hear those stories and there’s nothing so encouraging that will make you enthusiastic and bring the energy up, then hearing a great Chiropractic testimony.

So, here’s what I’ll do, I’ll know that a patient is doing better and I will say “Hey, Claire! Tell me, how’s your life better as a result of Chiropractic care?”

Now, not as a result of the great work that Dr. Lloyd is doing. I’m crediting Chiropractic for her recovery, of course, because that’s where it comes from.

And so, Claire will start to tell her story or a patient will come in spontaneously and say “Hey Dr. Lloyd, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I haven’t had a migraine headache in almost 6 months. I’ve never in my adult life gone that long.”

Or somebody else says something and what I will do, is I will take the time even if I’m really really busy, and I will say “I never tire of hearing how Chiropractic helps people’s lives. Tell me your story.”

Now, if I have time, what I’ll do is I’ll say “Claire, I want you to come with me. I know Mandy works real hard in order to make sure that the office runs so nicely and frequently I’m the one that hears all the great stories. Would you come up and please tell her?”

And I’ll walk up to the front and I’ll say to my front desk person, Mandy, or I might grab a therapist or I might grab one of the associate doctors and I will say, “Claire was just telling me this wonderful thing that’s happened with her as a result of Chiropractic care.”

Now, I’m doing a couple different things when I bring her up to Mandy. Let’s go to our front desk. Our front desk is working with patients to make sure that they stay on their schedules, they’re running your office, they’re answering the phone. They’re doing a lot of great work on your behalf. It’s so fun for them to know that the patients that they care for are getting great results under good Chiropractic care.

Now, Claire tells her story to Mandy, but sitting in reception are two or three other patients and maybe somebody else is filling out new patient paperwork. I have seen patients actually turn to the room and start testifying as to what Chiropractic has done.

It also does a secondary effect which is teach the patient that it is good, that it’s normal, and it’s right to tell your Chiropractic story. So testifying to what Chiropractic has done begins inside the Chiropractic office. And so you want to teach your patients to testify, you want to bring them to another staff person to tell their story again, kind of spread the love around.

And then, we’ve got this form that we use in our office and we’ll ask a patient for permission to interview them. Now we used to give the form to them and ask them to take the form home and fill it out, and bring it back, but what’s even much more effective is if we say, “Can I sit down, can I interview you?” or if you’re too busy doctor you train another staff member to interview and take down the heart felt changes that happened in their life as a result of Chiropractic. And then get that written up and on the wall, or even do a video testimony so that you can post that in your office video system or online.

So, get great testimonies, share the story, teach your patients to testify to what Chiropractic can do, and get a lot more new patients, and a great energy in your office.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I hope that helps.

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