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My Favorite Management Tool

My Favorite Management Tool


How would you like a leadership in a management tool that you could use every single day in your office? That you will absolutely love and so will the people that you lead and manage? Well, in this next segment, I’m going to share it with you.

So, here’s the setup over the last, almost five, decades I have built 10 successful practices. I have hired and developed over 70 plus associates and I’ve hired and developed dozens and dozens of CAS and admin support people and that’s in Sound Chiropractic Centers, The New Patient Academy also in Five Star Management. So, I believe that you as a manager and a leader collect tools as you go forward if you’re going to get better at the job, you’re probably pretty smart to read some great management books and my philosophy is to try to pull one tool out of each management books that I read. Now, in this next segment I’m going to tell you my favorite tool that I picked up in a simple book that would be easy for you to use and I’ll do that in the very next segment.

So, years and years ago, in fact decades ago a book called The One-Minute Manager came out and it was written in allegory form. There was The One-Minute Manager and then there was the young manager and then their interaction and The One-Minute Manager explained to the young manager that there were three tools that he used: one minute goals, one minute praisings, and one minute reprimands, the one minute goals easy to understand, this is what the job looks like perform correctly. One-minute praisings, I’m going to talk about that in a second. One-minute reprimands, when somebody has an ethical lapse you need to approach that, you need to handle that. But my favorite tool is what I call a one-minute praising. Now, write this down, catching somebody in the act of doing exactly what you asked them to do.

Now, here’s a way that I would use this, if I’m working on a particular procedure with a chiropractor like a script or at a front desk, somebody handling a patient and then I pass by them doing exactly what I asked them to, I’ve got a couple different choices, if it’s not appropriate at that moment to stop and recognize them I can remember that and come back and do a one-minute.

Now sometimes we get so internally motivated that we don’t think that anybody needs to motivate us or to tell us we’re doing good work. That may be your nature, but if we’re working with people in a team, it’s absolutely imperative that you recognize and reward good work with a compliment now in a one-minute praising, I’m going to say, ‘Hey, I saw the way that you handled Suzanne. You did such a beautiful job. Thank you so much. I heard you use the script that we’ve been working on. You know how that makes me feel? It makes me feel absolutely great. It says that the training that we’re doing you take seriously and how does your job get better as you use those tools?’

And so, they get a chance to tell me a little bit about that. So, I recognize people doing the things that I ask them to do. Now, I can use that every single day. You can do that with patients. You can do that with your associate doctors. You can do that with your support team and if a CA is listening to this video as well. You can also do that with the Doctor, ‘Doctor, thank you so much for getting your chart notes done’ and recognize the Doctor. You can do a one-minute praisings.

Now, I love that book, the One-Minute Manager anybody who comes to work for me at Five Star Management or New Patient Academy or back in the day when I owned Sound Chiropractic Centers, would read that book and write a one page book report and then that book report would be shared with me and the rest of the team in an office meeting.
‘Well, haven’t you already heard a bunch of those book reports yet?’ But that’s not the point. The point is that I want everybody in the office to un
derstand how we use the one-minute system.
So best tool I’ve ever learned came from a book about a hundred and fifteen pages, simple allegory story, large type, could read it in a couple hours and it’s to recognize people doing great work in your office, if you do, you’ll get more great work and life will become easier.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, I know this stuff works, why don’t you try it?

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