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My Cool New Thing!

My Cool New Thing!

I’m always looking for ways to make the Five Star Management client experience better for your dreams and for your goals and for your practice growth. I’m always looking for opportunities to help you take the Five Star material and apply it faster, having it be more fun. We’re doing something brand new. I want to share it with you, and I’m going to share it in the next segment.
So, here’s the setup. I love doing coaching calls. I’ve got you on the phone. I’ve got your statistics in front of me and you and I brainstorm and mastermind all kinds of different solutions. We become solution-focused rather than problem-focused and I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been on a call where we’re into some great stuff and I wish that I could have four, five, six other people who are working on the same issue with us on that call and we could bring their expertise in. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re doing a group Zoom Q and A call, where you come with questions, and we get together as a group on Zoom. It’s video and we can see everybody and it’s a very, very nice mix of wonderful talented people, all working on the same thing.

Just the other day, somebody had a question about doing job fairs. And it just so happened that one of our doctors who was on the Zoom call with us had just done a job fair at Life in Marietta, had gotten 35 names and 12 really, really good prospects, whom she gave copies of my book to. Well, just the exchange of information was just dynamite. Now, last time we were on a call, something else happened like that. So, all of these questions, all of these inputs, it’s just a very, very good way to learn.

Now, at Galaxy, we do this frequently. In Galaxy, we do a monthly check-in call, where we check in with our wins and our exciting projects and when some exciting project seems so great, we’ll ask a bunch of questions. So, we’re doing that for Five Star now and it goes on Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock Pacific Time.
We’re going to post a link the Facebook page and probably send out an email inviting you. It’s a nice really, really good group. Come with questions and come ready to share. Figure out your Zoom tech, so that you can be a part. We’d like to have you be visible for us and also be able to hear you. Some people have struggled just a little bit with that but there’s a real magic that happens with a mastermind Zoom call. So, I’m real excited about it. I think you will be too.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management for more chiropractors helping more people, having more fun, making more money for you, growing your practice. So, let’s get together, not only our coaching calls, but let’s also get together in a group, so we can do a group Zoom call.
I’ll talk to you later, bye-bye.

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