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My 3 Keys for Hiring the Best Team Members

My 3 Keys for Hiring the Best Team Members


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Every single doctor watching this video wants to have a great team. When you have a great team, you’re in the flow, you’re having fun, you’re very financially productive, and the practice works just beautifully. In this short video, I’m going to give you my 3-point strategy for hiring the best team members.

So, here’s the set-up. You’re going to be welcoming new team members onto your team your entire time in practice. My advice is get good at it.

If you have good team members, what will happen is the practice will flow, you’ll have fun, you’ll look forward to seeing those people, you’ll work together shoulder to shoulder to help your patients, and it’ll be financially rewarding,

If you have a bad team member, they can crash the entire practice and ruin the rest of your team. I have a 3-point strategy that’s helped me over the years hire great people, put together great teams, and in the next segment I’ll share it with you.

I’ve been in practice for over 44 years and I’ve put together 10 clinics and one of the reasons that I could put together multiple clinics is because I found a low stress formula for putting together a good team.

A team can be so stressful you hardly want one clinic. In order to have multiple offices, you need to have a low stress formula. I’ve also put together teams at Five Star and New Patient Academy and helped thousands of other clients put together their teams. The rock foundation on my team building process is a 3-point strategy. Let me share it with you.

Number one, hire the smile. What I want to do is I want to hire the attitude, I want to hire the temperament, I want to hire the people skills. In the interview process, I’m looking for if I like the person. If they’ve got a great resume, but no batteries included, there’s no spark, there’s no life, there’s no sparkle, I’m not going to hire that person.

I figure that if I like this person, my patients, who I’ve attracted, who are like me and like me, are going to like them as well. I’ve got to be in the same room with this person day-to-day. You’ll be awake more hours with your team members than you actually will with family members and so hire somebody who has a smile, who has a good attitude, somebody who likes to be with people.

Number two is train the skill. Now we train like crazy. We train off checklists, we train off project sheets, we train, train, train, train, train. One of things that people who have good attitudes, who have good skills do, is they perform well in their position. So, we are going to hire the smile, we are going to train the skill. As far as skills are concerned, one of the things you could do is bring them to Five Star Management seminars, so that they get some training from our CA trainer Phyllis Frase. Make sure that they get the skills.

Number three, I am going to discover the ethic. Their work ethics, I am going to discover their ethics for how they perform in the work place. So, somebody can come in with a great smile, do well with their training, but if you watch them you might find that there’s an ethical lapse. I’m going to look for somebody who shows up on time, who does his or her work.

Let me ask you this, if you keep a bad ethics person, somebody who scoffs work, somebody who comes back late from lunch, somebody who basically doesn’t want to be there, or has some other ethical issues, if you keep that person on your team, what does it do to your team? It demotivates them. One person says why should I work so hard when this person doesn’t work hard. Or why should I come back early from lunch if this person comes back late from lunch.

This is my list here. Smile, skill, hire the smile, train the skill, discover the work ethic. Now, if you do that, what’ll happen is that you can put together a great team that will help you stay in the flow, help you have a ton of fun, and be financially successful in 2016.

Hey, if you like this video, would you do me a favor? Would you like us on Facebook, would you leave a post below and tell me what you liked about it and what knowing these three things can do for you? You’re probably going to be hiring somebody soon or maybe you should be hiring somebody right now and if you use this strategy, I know that it works.

It’s Dr. Lloyd for Five Star Management; I’ll talk to you later.

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