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Motivation Is KING

Motivation Is KING


Motivation is king. Without motivation there is no success. There’s no action. You can be wonderfully talented, beautifully skilled, you can have tremendous resources, opportunity and without motivation there’s no action, there’s no success.

On the other hand you could be an average guy or an average girl. You could have modest opportunity, maybe old resources, but if you are motivated you will find a way to make it work. In this short video I’m going to talk to you today about how I have motivated myself at the end of the year for the New Year coming for literally decades.

So we all know that this is true, the person who’s motivated is the person who’s taking action and action is king. Would you write that down? Action is king. Without action there’s nothing. Resource, talent, skill, no action nothing and motivation is the key to action.

So what I am going to do is I’m going to take you through a short process that I do with myself frequently, it’s become a skill, it’s almost subconscious and it’s provided motivation for me to do many, many more things than I ever thought that I was capable of when I first started out.

Number one, get a piece of paper and a pen. So the first place that we want to start out is to take a look at the wins that we’ve gotten out of this year, 2016. We’re 11 months in. Today is December 1st; we’ve got one month left to go and I want you to list all of the wins that you possible can.

I’m going to ask this question, why was it a win and how did it feel? Why was this a win and how did it feel? Well, we saw the most new patients that we ever did in one particular month. Okay great why was that a win? Well more people got under chiropractic care and we felt validated. Okay cool! What else happened? You might have had a best ever collection week or day or highest ever Friday or you added a new associate. Lets make the longest list of wins that we possibly can.

Now, in 2016 it may have been a rough year. You may have had a number of losses and if you behold those losses, if you meditate on those losses that is what you are going to get more of. My predominate focus needs to go to where I’m winning and remember there isn’t one thing that you can do, not one thing about one second about the past. It is so important once a loss or a difficult situation has happened is to get past it as soon as possible and one of the best ways I know is to focus on your wins. Make a good, long list of your wins for 2016. We will cover the next piece in the next clip.

Now, I want you to make a list of what winning would look like. 5 senses; what would it sound like, what would it smell like, what would it taste like, what would it feel like, and what would it look like in 2017? It might be adding a new person on your team like an associate. It might be a new patient record that you would break.

Let’s just focus on what it would look like. Now don’t run any commentary on this especially negative commentary on why you can’t do it and start to give yourself reasons why it won’t work. Just list what winning would look like in 2017.

Now we’ve got two lists don’t we? We’ve got wins from ’16 and that starts to bring our emotional temperature up. We start to get a little excited; hey I had some more wins than I thought. We’re not beholding the negative, the losses. We only want to learn from the losses not meditate on them. Focus on the wins, now we’re going to make a list of our wins for 2017. The next piece is where so many people make the mistake of leaving this piece out, but they have to do it and I’ll cover it with you next.

I want you to share your vision for winning with a trusted CA or DC on your team and here’s what I mean. There’s a CA who gets chiropractic like you do. Loves your practice, loves your patients, is crazy about you and your family. Share your vision for 2017 with them. You’ve got a trusted associate, somebody who works with you real closely. Share your vision.

This is so important. Shared goals builds unity, but also your vision for 2017 you have to share that so people will know where you want to head so that they can help you do that. Now, this next piece is so important. We’ve got ’16 list, we’ve got our 2017 list, and we’ve shared it with a trusted CA, DC.

Pick the first, best, and easiest thing that you can do to accomplish just one of those wins and get it done immediately. What I mean immediately is maybe it’s today, maybe it’s within an hour. Just put one of those action steps behind you. If you put that action step behind you then you start to get momentum.

Now this is the fun thing is that action alone is king. Without action, without action there is no success and you prime the pump for your motivation by doing the easiest thing first. There’s this subconscious evaluation that you do on yourself and if you have all these great dreams, but you go a day, a week, a month without doing anything about it that subconscious evaluation that’s on you inside your brain that goes on below your actual perception says, we’re not going to do this. You know it’s just like last year, right?

I want you to take that action step to the first, best, and easiest thing and then meet again with that trusted CA and talk about I’m one step closer, I’m one step closer, I’m one step closer to this particular thing. Pretty soon what happens is your motivation and your action start to bubble up and it becomes a little bit more organic, your mood comes up, and you can sustain that throughout the entire year.

I suggest you also gather together with men and women who are headed in the same direction so that, maybe at a live training, somebody says, “Hey we tried this particular thing and it was so successful.” You think, you know what that’s the thing we’re headed toward. I can hardly wait. I’m motivated to do the next two, three, fourth, five different steps. So gather together with men and women who are headed in the same direction you do.

Now, I do that. I remember hiring a bunch of chiropractors working with me at Sound Chiropractic Center and we would all work together as a team. I remember gathering my first Five Star Management group together and there was just 34 doctors in the room and we were working together as a team. All supporting together.

This is what I suggest you do and let me just recap. Number one get your list fro 2016. Number two find out, tell yourself, make a list of what it looks like for you to win in 2017. 5 sense; what does it sound like, what does it look like, smell like, taste like, feel like and then share that with a trusted CA. Somebody who has their heart in chiropractic and in your practice and for you and your success. Then do the first, best, and easiest thing.

Next gather together with a group of great docs who are headed in the same direction you are so you don’t make this journey all by yourself. When you might be a little bit low emotionally and you get together with them, you’ve got this wonderful encouragement because somebody will share a win and pretty soon you’re off to the races again.

Now, I’ll tell you what. I have done this for over 45 years in chiropractic and 30 years in managing and helping people. I know the formula works. This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for chiropractic for chiropractors and for your success. Have a great day!


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