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MORE Associates for FSM Clients!

MORE Associates for FSM Clients!




Hey, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and I’m out in the garden and I want to speak directly to our doctors who have taken specific Win-Win Associate development training and I want others to listen in.

We’ve been putting together a special job board, and on that job board we have a listing of doctors who have either gone through live training with us or a series of 12 webinars where they’ve produced reports.

What we’re doing is we are posting this page on the different job boards for the different colleges. Now almost all of the schools have let us do that, a few haven’t. We’re also doing Facebook ads, so we’ve got a special lead magnet that we hope students are attracted to: The 7 Desirable Traits of a Great Associateship. When they go click on that they are also given a button that would say “here’s instant access to great associateships.” So we’re working at helping you find chiropractors as associates who are interested in Win-Win development.

I think that this is something that I will be working on for some time. It just thrills me to think that I could be able to take a young chiropractor who’s looking for a good associateship and match them up with a Five Star Management client who I know has the heart for chiropractic and a heart for the associate.

That’s just a little bit about what we’re doing and if you want to go and take a look at it it’s and then that will take you through a series that will put you at

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for chiropractors everywhere having wonderful associateships and having great associates. We’ll talk to you later, buh bye.

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