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Manage Like A Mother

Manage Like A Mother


It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd and it’s finally raining in Seattle – we need a good rain. So in this short video this morning I’m going to share with you one of the best management leadership strategies I know in order to build a great team and build team loyalty.

So you know my story, I was injured. What I learned about developing associates allowed me to build 10 clinics and develop over 70+ associates and I gathered tools. The better your tool set, the easier it is for you and the better product you can produce.

But there’s an absolutely great tool in this book by Lee Cockerell 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from the Life at Disney Creating Magic. The one I really liked, in fact it jumped out at me and I use it virtually every single week, is manage like a mother.

Here’s what he says. He says that it’s a mother’s job to make sure that all of her children do well and it’s the managers’ job to make sure that each one of his or her employees do well.

Let me give you an example. If I have an associate I need to take responsibility, not for their work, but for their career path. I want to make sure that my associate has the best opportunities, that they’re encouraged. I am the team owner, I own the stadium, I am the coach, I am the referee, but I’m also the cheerleader. I’m going to make sure that they’re encouraged.

Now, at my front desk I’m going to from time to time say, “How are you doing in this particular position? Are you getting all the support you need from other staff people? Is the associate doctor doing what he or she needs to do in order to make sure that you get the best work done at the front desk?”

I’ve got all of my team members, my massage therapist, my therapy techs, my back-office CAs, and my billers. It’s my job to manage like a mother. There are meetings that we have where we have four, five, six different staff people and I ask each staff person to ask the associate, “what do you need from me in order to do your best work?” And then the front desk, everyone asks the front desk, “what do you need from us in order to do your best work?”

We are going to make sure that every single person on the team knows that I’m caring about them and their production and the work that they do. Now when you do that, that builds loyalty that builds team unity, they take better care of your patients, they take better care of you when they know that you care about them.

So here’s my encouragement for you, manage like a mother. By the way, let me show you something here. See all the highlighted and pen? One of the things that I do with great books is that I will give the book to my staff and pay them two hours to read the book, mark it up, and we’ll have a discussion. That way instead of just having it in my head and telling them what the book said, it’s in everybody’s head and we start to wrap people’s minds around some of these great ideas that really, really help mothers teach their children to read.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for great practices, great unity, great commitment from staff to clinic director because they know that their clinic director manages like a mother.

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