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Make Your Clinic the Local Expert

Make Your Clinic the Local Expert


Hey, this is Dr. George Birnbach and we’re always trying to get the message of chiropracting out of our office and into the world. We do it through our own conversations. We do it through our websites, through emails, through text messages and articles and talks and all of these things. But we’re constantly trying to get our associate doctors to get their message out about the work we do with the clinic as well. And one way that I’ve come across recently, that might help you is as we’re building our local network of people who we know and who know us, look at the business owners, look at their websites, do they have a blog? Do they publish content? And so if we take a look around our town, we can take our young associate doctor. Who’s trying to build their own practice.

And we can say, I want you to find five businesses that have blogs on which you feel something on their blog is something you can help, right? What problem are they trying to solve? If you look at a strength training gym, look at their blog, what are they teaching? What is one of the problems they’re trying to help people with? We want you to get stronger because it’ll help you age slowly. Right? Well, do you know anything about that topic? Now we can put together an email or we can walk in and talk to the business owner and we have a starting point. I can say, Hey, Jimmy, I saw your website the other day, I came across an article you wrote on this topic, and I have a very parallel perspective on this. I think I have some knowledge that might help you. Would you be interested if I wrote a guest article that you could use to provide value to your people?

It’s good for us because people get to know our name and if they need help in the future, they might call us. It’s good for you because you’re bringing in local industry experts to help you people. Is that something that you’re interested in doing? This is one more tool to help get your name out in the community where people know you, they see you as an expert, and when they need help with a problem that you solve, they’re more likely to call you. All right. Just guest blogging is not dead. It just has to be done a little more locally, and it’s going to help you grow your associate practice, your practice, and become a more authority voice in the future. All right, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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