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Love and Lead

Love and Lead

Once again I’m grateful for the best vantage point in chiropractic – my consulting chair at Five Star. On a daily basis, I help some of the best doctors on the planet serve their community, build spectacular practices, reach their goals and realize long-cherished dreams.  It’s always rewarding and from time to time, the clarity that comes from this process is breathtaking.

Let me give you an example: Everyone wants great patient retention, but what is the best patient retention made of?

Strong philosophy? Essential. Good procedures? Without a doubt. BUT, the most important factors are the two most important aspects to our patients and that’s what I call “Love and Lead.”

I’ve seen this again and again – the doctors with the best PVA really love their patients and are not afraid to lead them – even when both are costly.

What do I mean by “loving” the patient? Quite simply putting their best interests first – ahead of my own. Going out of my way to serve them. Just think of how you would want your family cared for here. That’s what love looks like. It isn’t sentimental, but it does consider the thoughts and feelings of the individual. For love to really be tested it has to be inconvenienced. Caring enough to spend the time and money to be certified in your technique. Coming in early or staying late for someone who was stuck shows we are willing to be inconvenienced. That’s usable and practical love.

What do I mean by “leading” the patient? Being courageous enough to teach the patient about chiropractic, even if we might be misunderstood. Having the strength of our convictions to outline the required care and gently, but firmly encourage our patient to do whatever the right thing is – keep their appointments, do their exercises and not ruin their adjustments. Leadership includes standing with them where they are, focusing on their best future and asking them to follow you to a healthier place.

If you love me but can’t lead me you’re irrelevant. If you lead me but don’t love me, I don’t trust you.

Over time patients and entire communities will learn if you love and lead and when you do, they will gladly follow you to their best health decisions and stay with you and chiropractic for a lifetime.

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