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Like a Motha…

Like a Motha…

Like a Mother!At every Five Star Galaxy (our high achiever group) we assign, read and then discuss a leadership or management book. Frequently we choose a book clients have suggested. At Galaxy we all share our insights and how we’ll use the principles in our practices.

The book frequently sets the theme for the gathering and everyone loves it. This last meeting in Kauai, Hawaii our book was Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. BTW, a big thanks to long time Galaxy client Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter. Lee’s book was her suggestion and a big hit.

The section I’m sharing is one of my favorite passages and made a huge impact on me. Hope you like it as much as I do.

“…I give speeches titled ‘Manage Like a Mother.’ The true work of a business leader, like that of a mother, is to help others to be the best they can be. Rather than expect their teams to serve them, good business leaders serve their teams the way mothers serve their children. In turn their people serve their customers better, and excellent business results follow just as surely as solid families follow from solid parenting.”

How do you put a cherry on THAT? Enjoy.


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