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INCREASE Chiropractic Certainty

INCREASE Chiropractic Certainty


Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Would you like to have a certainty between your head, your heart, and your guts on your care recommendations so that you can make great chiropractic care recommendations for relief, correction and strengthening on into maintenance and on into wellness and do that with certainty? In this short video I’ll give a key piece for how you can achieve that.

Have you ever heard the phrase, do as I say not as I do? It’s like the parent who’s smoking a cigarette telling the kids that they should never smoke or something else that’s a huge hypocritical contradiction. Well, this is one of the things that I’m going to suggest that you do, that you walk your walk. What do we ask our patients to do? We ask them to get in a care plan. We ask them to pay for their chiropractic care. I’m going to suggest that you walk the walk.

I go to see my chiropractor. He will not let me pay him on a per visit basis. He says, “ah get out of here.” So what I do is I bring large gift cards roughly equal to what I spend on chiropractic care and give the Starbucks card to his wife and the other gift card to his front desk CA. Believe me, I always get a spot when I need one because I take care of the team, but I’m also taking care of myself emotionally and mentally. I’m telling myself that chiropractic is worth the $50, $60, $80 it might be per visit.

Now, if you get on a care plan and drive across town and sit in the reception area of a chiropractic office, wait until your called up, go back in, wait in the cue of a well run office right, and then pay on the way out or pay on the way in. What you’re actually doing is you’re walking the walk so that when you come back to the clinic your talk is so much more powerful. It’s what I do. I’m asking you to do the same thing.

One of the things that that does is that if you act consistent with your spoken convictions they become felt convictions in your heart. I was talking to one of my clients whose chiropractor lived in a whole other city, the only person who could get her neck correctly. She says, “When I go to see my chiropractor the first thing I do is buy a plane ticket.” I said, “How much are those?” She said, “It depends on when I buy them. Between $175 and $350.”

That’s commitment, but what brought that commitment? Well, she can’t live a normal life without having her atlas set correctly. Now I want you to live consistently with that conviction that you can’t live a normal life without being what you want your model patient to be. It’ll give you moral, it will give you ethical, and it will give you mental conviction so that when you make a care plan and you look somebody straight in the eye and you say, “This is what you need to do.” More people will follow up on your care.

Don’t wait just until you get to a seminar and have somebody crack your neck for crying out loud.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for chiropractors everywhere having the philosophical certainty that they need to in order to help their patients and be able to have the practice of their dreams.

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