We help chiropractors have thriving practices and profitable associates with a steady flow of new patients by implementing our proven Practice Growth Strategies so that you can enjoy financial freedom, profitable associates, and professional fulfillment in as little as 100 days!

You Can Transform Your Practice and Unlock Your Associate’s Success using our ‘100 visits in 100 days’ Blueprint for Fast Growth!

Seats Fill Up Fast: You will sit at tables surrounded by chiropractors who’ve unlocked the WIN-WIN Associate Growth Model. Learn from our leadership, dive into our program, and interact with our clients who are running the practices that help more people have more fun and enjoy incredible success.

Join Us for The Chiropractic Practice Explosion

  • Location: The Beautiful Hyatt Regency O’Hare - Rosemont, IL (5-Minutes from O’Hare)
  • When: the Weekend of March 16-17, 2024 – Saturday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, Sunday, 8:30 am to 12 noon.
  • Secure Your Spot: For the 100-day Fast Growth Plan – Reserve Now!

Discover the Strategies That Will Set Your Practice Apart

We help chiropractors overwhelmed by the challenge of attracting new patients transform into the Go-To Chiropractic Practices that draw people in with fun and effective patient attraction techniques so that you and your associates can achieve financial growth and a booming patient base faster.

Join Us on a 2-Day Journey at the Practice Explosion Summit

Designed for chiropractors seeking proven results, we offer a blueprint for:

  • Increasing Patient Acquisition: Master the art of becoming the Go-To Chiropractor in town.
  • Making it all EASIER and FASTER: Streamline your systems for peak efficiency, turning first-time visitors into converted care plans and excited patients. 
  • Building an Elite Team: Learn the secrets to assembling a dream team that shares your vision of growth and success.
  • Networking With Successful Chiropractors: Connect with peers and mentors who will become your support network, collaborators, and friends.

Real Success Stories from Chiropractors Like You 
Hear firsthand how our workshops have transformed practices and lives, offering a glimpse into the success that will be possible for you.

"I wanted to start a family, but was afraid of the impact to my practice. Dr. Lloyd's Win Win Associate program was a God send! I was able to have 2 great maternity leaves PLUS really vacations AND have my practice grow. Every busy successful chiropractor needs to hear about Win Win Associates. And especially if you're thinking of having children."

-Dr. Jamie Cramer

“I’ve been with Five Star with Noel as my coach for over 20 years with last year being another best ever year. Dr. Lloyd helped me from practice launch, through 5 maternity leaves, hiring associates, and always willing to help me with any issue I had."

-Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter

“Five star has been an absolute game changer for our practice and our personal life. Our practice has grown, we've moved to a new building and everything has exploded big time. We have been so happy with all of the coaching with year by year record growth 7 years in a row!”

- Dr. Brian Morris

If you're ready to:

  • Break Free from the Cycle of Uncertainty in your patient numbers...
  • Elevate Your Practice with strategies that deliver consistent, predictable results...
  • Inspire Your Team and lead them to achieve more than ever before...
  • Leave with a Concrete Plan to attract new patients and significantly boost your income... Then, you Cannot Afford to Miss This Seminar.

BRING YOUR TEAM – We have outstanding Staff Training for them in a second room so everyone learns the most important concepts at the same time (all for the same low price).

We started just like you.

Hey, we're Dr. Noel Lloyd and Dr. George Birnbach

When we graduated as chiropractors, we had big dreams but no plan to make them happen. Because chiropractic school doesn't equip you to run a successful business!

Since then, we have built, grown, and scaled multiple 7-figure chiropractic practices between us relying on our proven models.

As part of Five Star Management, we have helped 3000+ new and seasoned chiropractors to start, grow and scale the practice and lifestyle of their dreams.

This LIVE in-person seminar is your opportunity to meet some of the talented practitioners within our thriving community, and be inspired by their successes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will this live seminar take place?

This live in-person seminar takes place at Hyatt Regency O'Hare on Saturday/Sunday March 16-17, 2024 from 8:30 am-5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday. We recommend arriving by 8:00 am for check-in.

What does the event fee cover?

The event fee covers cutting-edge materials, interesting presentations, and mastermind workshops with other successful DCs and CAs to set you up with actionable turn-key strategies and leave you feeling inspired to implement them come Monday!

Will there be a sales pitch?

This is an action-packed Five Star client event that we're opening up to ambitious chiropractors like you so you can experience a sampler of our WIN WIN Associate Model. You will get the chance to network with successful DCs and CAs who are already living the dream. At the end of the day, there'll be an opportunity to join the WIN-WIN associate model, if it seems the right fit for you.

How can I get the most of this event?

We'll help you prepare by providing you with a seminar prep project designed to focus the entire team on the key seminar topics and content well before you attend. We highly recommend completing the project with your team, and bringing it to the Five Star seminar for maximum impact!

Is it worth bringing my team?

Absolutely! Bring your team to establish a shared vision towards game-changing client retention on the day so you don't have to recreate the excitement and get buy-in after the event.

If you're ready to unlock the MANY benefits of long-term client relationships within your business...
…then we're excited for you to join us.