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If You Are Only Keeping These STATS, You’re Limiting Growth of Your Practice

If You Are Only Keeping These STATS, You’re Limiting Growth of Your Practice


Hey everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach, and welcome, welcome, welcome.

I’m so excited, we’re up here at the beach teaching a Galaxy event, and I can’t see. There’s the house back there, and there’s the water over there. Oop, there we go. See how pretty it is here on this morning? And, one of things we were talking about last night at our event where we’re going through the book “Traction,” which you should read. It’s a good book on systems. But one of the things we were talking about last night was, are all the statistics that we’re keeping lately out of date.

In other words, there are lead stats and lag stats, and when we look at what we did last month or what we did last week, those are all what are called lag stats. ‘Cause they already happened. You know, how many people you saw yesterday already occurred? How many people you saw today, actually, has already occurred. And so what we wanna do, what we wanna do is at least have some lead statistics in our mind as well. And that means that, what are we going to do on Monday to move this statistic forward. Have a stat that you’re tracking, that you’re following.

How many conversations are we gonna have about referrals this week coming up? How many conversations are we gonna have about this new service, this new laser? How many people are we gonna introduce to a service, to our paleo program, our detox program this week? Keep some leads statistics, not just lag statistics. Because if you look at the amount of money you made last month, you can’t alter that. That already occurred. You have to look at, okay great, what is the action step we can take this week in order to increase that statistic? Your action steps, that influence a statistic, are great lead stats to have. So keep that in mind on this beautiful Friday morning, and I’m gonna head back in. We have everyone arriving for our breakfast meetings, and I love hearing the stories that come out of conversations in the after hours. We call ’em gap conversations.

After you read a book, a week later, or after you go to a seminar, and you take a break, a ten minute break, the conversations that happen in the gaps between the stage time. Man, that’s one of my favorite times of a seminar because that’s where you get to hear how people are going to be implementing this material, and it changes your perspective on practice. All right, well, have a great day. We’re gonna enjoy the sunshine.

Keep learning with great chiropractors, great doctors, and I’ll talk to ya’ll real soon. All right, buh bye.

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