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How You Can Win BIG

How You Can Win BIG


Hey, we just came out of August and I’ve been counting the wins that Five Star Management clients have been stacking up and they’re just incredible super super exciting best evers for clinics, Clinic directors and Associates and in this short video, I’m going to talk about how you can win, too.
It almost sounds silly to say- don’t you love to win? Everybody loves to win, no one wants to lose and on
e of the things that we do at Five Star is we share wins and we have what we call Winning Wednesday and I’ve got all these great wins, best ever clinic numbers, best ever associate numbers, best ever clinic director numbers, highest new patients, highest regular visits, best PVA. This weekend we’re going to be working on retention and then all these wins coming together you have to ask yourself. How are all these people who are sometimes doubling, tripling even quadrupling practices- How are they doing it? Well, we focus on what we call the tri-fold objective, help people, have fun, make money.

Number one, help people, give more than you take. Give absolutely wonderful great chiropractic care, great customer service really help people and change their lives.
Number two. Have fun do it in a way that’s fun. We have an obligation or responsibility to structure our practice, our interactions with patients and marketing and staff and training everything we do the way that says much fun as possible and it can be a ton of fun. Especially if you’re winning, you’re winning with your team. There’s a real celebration there and then number three it needs to make money. In other words, the business needs to work.

If you have an absolutely fabulous service, let’s say it’s a bakery or a dry cleaner or a restaurant and you don’t make money, the bakery, the cleaners, the restaurant isn’t there next month or next year in order to provide the service. It is particularly a tragedy when the chiropractor Isn’t there next year to provide the service or goes through that slow, strangulating death that some practices have gone through, but I have been asked this again and again and again by people who come as five star guests and they hear about these great wins then they think, How do they do it? Why do what do we do first? And that’s what I’m going to talk about in the very next segment on this video.
So I’m going to give you a few examples that I’m going to kind of push them together and give you a composite picture one-and-a-half to two million dollar practice, a clinic director who’s doing his or her best work, maybe one two, three, four associates all not only paying for themselves but in bonus and working together as a team. The clinic director is getting more time off than he or she ever has, the practice can set records in their absence. The associates are having fun doing this. They’ve got their specific goals that they’re reaching and their dreams that they’re realizing.

So, how do you do this? Well, this is what we call Win-Win Associates. In order to be in that sweet spot in the middle, you need three things. You need number one. You need great help from great associate, help just the way you want it. Number two, you need to have the freedom. In other words, to be able to have people working with you in your office in such a way that you can get away and enjoy your success. Those little people that run around your house the ones that call you mommy or daddy, you know. You’re going to blink. I promise you because I’ve had it happen to me and they’re going to be off to college and off to their separate lives and you want some freedom in order to be able to enjoy your family, enjoy your success.
And then number three you want your associate to be profitable so that they can get into bonus but that you can make extra money as well and the number one reason that associateships fail is because the business of the associate ship doesn’t work out. So, how do you put that together?

How do you put that together in such a way that you create these beautiful huge wonderful practices with great pva’s great businesses running on great systems? Number one, you need what I call the win-win paradigm coming together as chiropractors and colleagues and a coach and player relationship instead of the employer-employee relationship.
Well, aren’t they are employees? Yes, they are but what we want to do is frame it in entirely giveaway. We want to frame it in the player coach way so that we can agree that whether it’s winning a championship or or doing our best work. We can do that together. That’s the better attitude in order for the clinic owner and the associate have.
So number one, it’s the new paradigm. The old Paradigm doesn’t work. The old Paradigm is broken the old paradigm of here’s your paycheck, come work for my goals. It just fails at about 85% of the time. So, number one, you need a new paradigm.

Number two, you need to be able to have a filter in order to frame and hire the right people. You need to frame the job and hire the correct people. There are wrong people to hire. You don’t want to hire the wrong people and then once you hire the right people you want to bring them incorrectly. We do a specific piece that we call onboarding. So many associateships are ruined or crippled or badly damaged and sometimes never recover just because the conversation that went on before the contract was signed or the things that weren’t done or were done after the contract is signed. This onboarding piece is so important. Once you’ve got the right vision, once you’ve got the right person then the launch is so important, you want to have it be successful and exciting- how exciting you ask?

Well, I want my associate slightly overwhelmed, a little bit frightened, very very excited but also know that they can do it. I want them on the phone with their parents or speaking to a spouse and say, Dr. Lloyd’s got me doing this and this and this and this and tomorrow and I mean, I mean I’m learning so much I’m doing so much.
That’s so preferable to the way most associateships go. So that’s how, when you show up at Five Star and you meet people who have two three four times the practice that they ever had two three four times the free time that they’ve ever had making two three four times the money- the net money the take home money that they ever did and doing it on a team that they’re genuinely happy to be with genuinely enjoy. So that’s the way you do it.

It’s not uncommon for someone to break a record every single year they’re in Five Star, every single year. I’ve got people that I’ve coached-this is no joke- for over 25 years record, year every year.

Now I want to invite you to get in touch with me. I want you to do this. This is so much fun. I have this win-win picture for you and me so get in touch with me at Five Star.
We’ve got a number that’s going to follow up. Let’s talk about how will do that for you. We will lay out a game plan and in this game plan, I’ll show you what you can have. We’ll talk about what you do have. We’ll talk about what’s in the way of getting to where you want to go. Well, they had a plan and if it makes sense, maybe we might work together as coaching client.
This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management for more chiropractors helping more people, having more fun, making more money.

I’ll talk to you later, bye-bye.

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