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How to Use the L.E.A.D

How to Use the L.E.A.D

Hey Doctor, would you like to have your team function together smoothly with everyone’s strengths being fully present in your mission to help people through chiropractic care?
Well, today in this short video, I’m going to share an exercise that will help you do that.

So, here’s the setup, one of the things that you want as a team leader is to understand the strengths of your team. You have people who work in billing, people who work in marketing, front desk CAs, associates, and of course your temperament and what we have found is that there are basically four different temperament styles, and this is not new information. This goes back literally for centuries. There’s the strong leader, there’s the expressor, there’s the analytical, and there’s the dependable and each one of those temperaments has a position to play in the chiropractic office understanding those strengths really helps the leader and also the other team members work in symphony and in harmony with the other team members, so that’s why we do this LEAD assessment, we have a quiz, It’s 80 questions- four questions ,20 groups. We score that out and it will give you an LEAD score.

Now, there are two strong numbers, usually for people, nobody scores flat across the curve and those two strong numbers will indicate whether you’re a leader- expressor, leader-analyst, analyst-dependable, dependable- expressor and those particular temperament types have gifts and strengths to bear on your mission.

Now in these different assessments you would read your LEAD score to your team and talk a little bit about this is how I function and then your office manager or super CA. All the way down to the part-time filing clerk who comes in just on Saturdays.

So, this is the assignment everybody gets scored out on the LEAD, all the doctors, all the staff, we score that out for you.
And then number three, you have a sit-down meeting where the doctor goes over his or her LEAD first and you discuss it. You will come away from this meeting with a higher appreciation for everybody’s temperament and how it bears on your mission to help people, have fun, and make money. I’ve used this for decades people, absolutely love it.
I know this works. So, I want you to have fun with this exercise.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, and I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Bye.

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