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How to Use Clutter for Higher Profits!

How to Use Clutter for Higher Profits!


Hey everyone. This is Dr. George Birnbach. And today, I want to talk about clutter. You know, tomorrow we’re teaching the High Volume Low Stress seminar, and it’s really a wonderful bunch of information that we’re gonna be bringing out to clients. And many times people say, well, what’s the biggest process of getting a smoothly running office? And usually it’s streamlining. And that is getting rid of all the moving pieces, right? So you may have, if we’re using scripting, have your scripts known well enough to be on and off the script and never lose your place, right? If it’s a treatment environment, we want it streamlined. We want all the things that we don’t need there gone. But there’s more to it than that. You see, when I see front desks, we normally say, we want a clutter-free experience.

A clutter-free experience will allow for a smoothness of moving. If you’re looking for a pencil, and there’s a pencil on the desk and nothing in the way of it, it’s really easy to see. But there’s more to clutter that is positive that we normally don’t attribute to having clutter around us. And it’s a psychological trick that can influence your behavior quite dramatically. This is called material priming. So, when you go into a treatment area, you should have everything you need for the treatment. You should have nothing that you don’t need for the treatment there, but you should also have the materials in that area that put you subconsciously into the mindset of delivering great service.

So there may be something you don’t always use, but if it’s there and you like it, you might use it. And you might give someone a better experience. Sitting down at a desk with a notebook and some pencils puts you in a school mindset. You tend to read a book with a notebook and you take more notes. You come to a seminar with your own statistics, and you’re gonna be listening to the seminar in a way that it affects your statistics.

So when we look at our report of findings room, I want you to look around that room and does this room give me the attitude of delivering great reports of findings? Does it help me get into a position to illustrate my points? Is everything I need here? Is there anything in here that makes me self conscious about money? And it would stop me from being able to present a full care plan to someone. Are there things in here that make me feel more powerful about money?

Whether from the art on the wall, to the materials that the desk is made out of it, it is all subtly influencing your behavior. And that is something called material priming. So here is your challenge for today. Walk into your work environment, walk up to behind the front desk and say, does this make it feel like I can be organized? Walk into your treatment area. Does this make me feel like I’m gonna give the best adjustments today that I ever have?

Walk into your reports of findings room or your exam room, and just look at what’s in there. The clutter that is in there. Is it constructive or destructive? Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, but surround yourself with things that make you feel and act more powerfully. That’s what we want to talk about today. When we’re setting up an event or an office or a team for high quality work, look at your environment because your environment affects you. If you’re sitting in a room where you’re not comfortable, it affects you. If you’re sitting in a room that makes you feel powerful, that affects you. So go, take a look around and I’ll talk to you all real soon. Bye bye.

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