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How to Use a FLOW Trigger to MAX Wins

How to Use a FLOW Trigger to MAX Wins


Hey everybody, this is Dr. George Birnbach. We’re gonna give you a quick one today. We’re talking about flow States, friction versus flow. And in psychology, flow States are where you’re in the zone. Where you’re fully absorbed in whatever activity you’re in to the point where you’ll lose track of time, but you’ll also be fully present.

Whether that’s in a power hour, in a report of findings and a history, or at a team meeting, being in flow is crucial to high performance and creativity. It’s crucial to being happy. It’s crucial to social connection. And here’s the truth. You can actually live your entire practice in a flow state. It turns out it’s not that big of a mystery as to how to do it, but you first need to find a few things. One is a flow trigger.

Now you’ve seen high fives, get ready for the day or everyone puts in their hands. One, two, three, go. Those are flow state triggers but that doesn’t keep you in a flow state. What keeps you in a flow state of being present is conscious devotion to a singular outcome. So we start with this wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re there and make sure you have one outcome that you’re seeking at any given time. You see, when you walk into a treatment visit what’s one outcome that you want to focus on. A lot of people think I can focus on two or three things, but psychologically, that’s just not true, you see. If you’re focused on making a great relationship connection oftentimes you will. But if you’re also thinking about what you’re gonna do tomorrow that’s two outcomes. Flow state gone. As human beings we’re driven by outcomes. In philosophy, this is known as teleology.

Every human action is driven by an aim or an end. If you go to the grocery store your outcome is to buy groceries, right? Your goal is to buy groceries. If you walk into a report of findings your goal is to help them see a clear path forward that’s possible and worthwhile and a high priority. And if you can get down to the single outcome of whatever the action is you’re in, you will see yourself accomplishing so much more than you ever thought you could, you see? So here are the three things.

Number one, a single outcome, and focus on what matters. Don’t try to accomplish more than one thing in any action. Focus on the most high priority thing you can and drive towards that by making a connection and getting that outcome. The single focus, what is the outcome of this action that I need to accomplish?

Number two, keep it simple. Don’t over-complicate it. And know that if you hit that milestone, that outcome of that milestone that you had a good day, you had a good visit. You were able to stay in flow. And then consciously do one thing at a time. You know, Gary Keller, who is an author has a great quote that I love. And I use in planning all the time. What is the one thing I can do that by doing it makes everything else either easier or unnecessary.

Think about that for a minute. You see there’s more to this idea than simply focusing on just one outcome at a time. If you radically want to improve your overall results and the overall outcome for those patients, you want to simplify your daily, weekly, and yearly goals. There should actually be one outcome that you’re trying to produce. Because many times when we start moving towards burnout it’s because we feel busy and busyness is about doing more but productivity is about doing less at a very high level of outcome.

The most successful people in the world do less, you see? They do less, and thus, by doing less they’re accomplishing more and greater and greater things. That’s how you become brilliant at what you do. Focus on short units of time. And what is the one thing that I need to get out of that one unit of time? All right? When you do this, you’ll be in a flow state more often.

Everyone around you will be excited because they will feel that energy. They’ll be part of it too. And teach your team to focus on the same thing. What is the one thing you want your front desk to accomplish today? What is the one thing you want them to accomplish in the afternoon shift? What is the one thing that you want to produce in your next power hour? Focus on it. It clears everything up.

All right. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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