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How To Succeed More By Doing Less

How To Succeed More By Doing Less


Have you ever struggled to put your goals together? Think of New Years Eve resolutions. You resolve that you’re going to work harder than ever before on diet, fitness, or business goals and you fatigue out and end up giving up. Next New Years Eve you’re right where you found yourself the year before without meeting any of those goals. Well, in this short video I’m going to talk to you about doing less in order to achieve more.

So right now I’m at my club, my gym and I go to workout. One of the reasons that I can workout 4, 5, 6 sometimes 7 times a week is because I do less. Let me explain what I mean. If I were constantly holding myself to a painful standard, the pain would eventually win. I’ve done it; I’ve been there so many times. As a younger man I would always add a ¼ pound or I’d set some grandiose goal and I wouldn’t make it and then I’d end up giving up.

One morning it was time to get up and go to the club and I literally pulled the covers over my head. I was hiding from my workout because my workout was mean and painful and looking to beat me up. Now here’s what I do today. Today I do less than I can. I do it consistently and I find myself pushing myself, maybe not as much, but it’s the days in the gym, it’s the hours I workout because I’m not doing the painful, difficult, rotten thing.

One of the best weight loss programs in all of Seattle targets that you lose a pound a week. Now that doesn’t sound like Nutrisystems or any of those other ones where they make ginormous promises and what’s the advantage of losing a pound a week? It’s not that painful. You can do it pretty easily. In fact you can get accustomed to eating in such a way that it’s weight loss, but it’s not the pain.

This is what I believe I’ve discovered and what I work on. Now I’ve been doing this workout for many, many years and when I say many years I think 6 years solid, without giving up and without getting discouraged and without having too much pain. Do less. Do less.

People will tell me I need to get my report of findings, my day one, my day two, all of my CPCs that’s continuing patient communications, all perfect by the end of the week. No you don’t. Just do one thing, just one thing. When I train an associate, I only give them one script to memorize perfectly and bring it back to me. That way they understand it’s not that terribly painful to work with me in a win-win environment, so give yourself a win-win environment.

Don’t make it so painful, don’t make it so difficult. You can actually succeed by asking less of yourself because if you ask less it’s not painful and you can come back and ask for more.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd with what I think is a really, really, good tip for your particular success. You know what? I know this stuff works. Talk to you later, buh bye.


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