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How to Stay Excited About Practice ALL YEAR!

How to Stay Excited About Practice ALL YEAR!


Hey docs it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here at Five Star Management headquarters and in this short video I’m going to give you five things to be excited about in your practice the entire year!

Everybody wants to be excited. It’s one of the reasons why we go to professional sports to back our team so when there’s a touchdown or a home run or somebody makes a basket we can cheer and we can just be excited.

Now you want to be excited like that in the practice and I’m going to give you five things to think about and you can go to any one of the five and draw excitement and energy which will help you go through your day, attract more new patients, and have a heck of a lot more fun. I’ll share that in this very next segment.

So what are the things that naturally excite us about being a chiropractor? One of the things that excites me, and when I think about it and talk about it I get more excited, is chiropractic philosophy. I get a chance to share that a life comes from above, down, inside out and that when there’s a vertebrae out of place putting pressure on a nerve, it cuts off life that’s why people get sick. When I’m talking chiropractic philosophy, I’m really excited and I’m animated and my patients are attracted to that.

Number two, chiropractic technique. Now I know some technique masters that are absolutely wonderful at what they do and when they explain their technique and they get into their technique with their patients and they talk about their intricacies of what they’re doing they get excited and motivated.

Number three, chiropractic success stories. I absolutely love testimonies. I’ve got them all over the walls of my clinic, I’ve got them online, I’ve got them recorded in videos, I get them in reviews. I think that chiropractic never looks more attractive, never looks better than when it’s lived out in the lives of our patients.

One of the things that we want to do is collect testimonies, talk testimonies, take somebody from the back who’s given you a great testimony, walk them up to the front desk and say, “Carl would you tell Mandy what you just told me?” And maybe there are two or three patients out in the reception area who listened to that too. I’ve done that so many different times where a patient says, “Well Dr. Lloyd can I tell you what’s happening with me? I’m getting so much better as well!” It creates enthusiasm and validates what we do.

Number four, is what I call this moment in time in the practice. You have a responsibility and an obligation to develop a practice that you love to go to. Now that might mean that you tighten up on your procedures so that you can do timely chiropractic work so you never get stressed. So I take a look at my clinic and I take a look during power hours when I’m going from room to room meeting and greeting patients as a moment in time I love about the practice and so I can get excited about that.

Number five, the people in the practice. That might be CAs that I’ve known who’ve worked with me, who give themselves selflessly to the practice and chiropractic and their patients, associates that I have worked with and also patients. I can think of patient families where we’ve really made an impact in their life and I get excited.

This is my list:

Number one, your philosophy, number two your technique, number three your chiropractic success stories, number four this moment in time this particular snapshot that’s so much fun where you’re in the practice, and then number five the exciting people.

Now, you can pick one of those everyday five days a week. You can pick one of those everyday each hour of the day. You can train your mind to go to an excited and motivated state just by flicking the switch.

This is Dr. Lloyd for Five Star Management. I know that works. Get really, really good at it, let’s be excited.   Let’s help more people, let’s have more fun, and let’s be more successful!

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