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How to Run Multiple Clinics and NOT Go Crazy!

How to Run Multiple Clinics and NOT Go Crazy!


So a doc walks right up to me and he says, “How did you run 5 clinics at a time and not go crazy?” I laughed, but that was a good question. A lot of people have difficulty running 1 clinic at a time and having that whole process drive them crazy. Now this is the mechanics of running the business that allows you to provide the chiropractic service and in this short video I’m going to give you a metaphor, and example, and give you 4 areas that you can work on in order to help your practice be super, super low stress.

It wasn’t long ago that I owned 5 clinics at a time. One doctor came up to me and he says, “I’ve got 3 offices. In fact I was encouraged to pick up the 2nd and 3rd because you did so well with 5 and every single day those offices drive me nuts.” I sat down with him and I took him through a couple different things that I work on, but I also want to take you through what I call a metaphor. It’s an example; it’s a way of thinking about managing your clinics in a new paradigm. We’re going to learn from it by taking a look at the inside of my laser printer. No, this is going to make sense. I know you’re going to like it. I’m going to flip the camera around here and give you a little tour and tell you what I’m thinking of.

I like the challenge of thinking about things differently in order that I can put fresh eyes on a problem in order that I can come up with a solution. We’re going to take a look inside this laser printer and it’s going to illustrate to you how I managed 5 clinics at a time and loved the process of management. Let’s flip the camera around and let’s take a peak, ok?

This is my HP laser printer and it’s the one that sits right at my desk so if I want to print a copy off of anything I’ve got it right there. I’m just going to open it up and we’re going to take a look inside. Oh my gosh look at this. These are cartridges, but what I did is I labeled the cartridges leadership & management, hiring & onboarding, training & inspection, and reporting & discipline. These are the 4 areas that I really specialized in and focused on.

I like to think about it as just being able to pick up a cartridge and so I’ve got my leadership & management. I can work on that individually and stick that back in. In fact that cartridge would fit in any office that I was working in. Also, there’s the hiring & onboarding part. With hiring you want to make sure you get the best people and onboarding make sure that they’re introduced to your culture. Then there is training & inspection, also reporting & discipline.

The way that I think about it is this. These are different skill sets that you can install in your office and you can work on one at a time. You don’t have to work on all of these at once. If you break them down into these 4 different categories, leadership & management, hiring & onboarding, training & inspection, reporting & discipline, then you can take one out that needs some work and work on your training & inspection, then stick that back in.

Also, once you get really good at this. You might choose to do a 2nd office. You never do a second office until the 1st one feels like a little pussycat. If the 1st one is driving you nuts, what do you do? You go to work on one of these, you work on it, and you install it back in your office. So that’s the way that I think about managing an office: leadership & management, hiring & onboarding, training & inspection, reporting & discipline. Then you install that and you put that in the office and it works like a charm.

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