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How to Reduce Stress, Increase Volume, and Make Practice Fun Again!

How to Reduce Stress, Increase Volume, and Make Practice Fun Again!


Have you ever wondered why somebody practicing your exact same technique can see 2 or 3X the people that you do and it feels like a game to them and you struggle to see the people that you do? Well, in this short video I’m going to share with you a way that you can reduce stress, increase volume and enjoy your practice a lot more.

Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Here’s the setting. You’ve come into an office and it’s almost procedurally perfect, it’s almost like a water slide. Things happen so easily and so effortlessly in contrast that to the experience of many, which is, it’s just drudgery and its just work. I’m going to take you through a process on how you can take the drudgery down, take the stress down, take the fun factor up and I’ll do that in the very next segment.

So how do you de-stress a practice? Increase efficiency. I want us to think about it as a theatre production, a play. Step number one is we need a play or a script and a play or a script that outlines you as the chiropractor, the patients in their particular roles, and staff in their supporting roles and having it be so low-stress and wonderful so there’s got to be a play or there’s got to be a script.

Number two, there’s got to be actors and the actors have to know their scripts, they have to know what their lines are, they have to understand their cues. Then there’s got to be a stage and the stage of course is the office. That’s where everything happens.

Here’s the key piece, there has to be rehearsal. Now I did musical theatre when I was in high school and we had rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal. Where am I on stage, what am I saying now, what are my cues from the other actors on the stage? So you practice the performance actually away from the audience and that’s what you do in training.

Then there’s the performance. Who’s the audience in this particular metaphor? Well, it’s the patient right. I’ve had patients sitting in my office tell me, not knowing that it was one of my offices, that it was extremely well run and everybody had a great attitude and it was so smooth and low-stress. I said, “Well thank you.” They said, “What do you mean by thank you?” I said, “Well, this is an office that I own.” They said, “Oh wow, I didn’t know that so you’re Dr. Lloyd!” “Yeah.”

Let’s go back over these points. Number one, we need a play, we need a script. There’s a way of day one, there’s a way of day two, there’s a way of day returning visit, there’s a re-evaluation, re-examination visit, there’s a new patient orientation class. Those are the five acts in the play.

Then, we’ve got our scripts for those, we’ve got our actors, those are our staff people and our associates and of course the clinic director, then there’s the stage that’s in the clinic, and then there’s rehearsal.

Have you ever shut down the office or had a office meeting where everybody’s holding their script and they’re walking through a day one, a day two, handling objections on a regular returning visit? You need to do that in order to be able to perfect it and polish it.

Then there’s the performance and here’s what you’ll get. You’ll be able to walk somebody up to the front desk, hand off the patient, and hear exactly what you practiced in your rehearsals. You’ll be listening to your associates, listening to staff people handling the phone and the stress will just melt away because the decision was made and put in the script. The decisions were made and put in the actors, that’s the staff people. The stage became the place that you rehearsed the low-stress interaction between doctor and patient and then there’s the performance.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. If you would ever want to practice getting your practice low stress, we’ve got a live training that’s coming up in June on High Volume, Low Stress. Maybe you should come and join us! Take a look for the button on this page and see if this isn’t exactly what you need.

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