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How to produce 103 NP in 1 week and not get crushed!

How to produce 103 NP in 1 week and not get crushed!





Hey, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and I just got back from working out. I’m in my garden, I’m out by the garage and I was thinking while I was on the Stairmaster about a client of mine who produced 103 new patients last week. In this shot video I’ll tell you how he did it and how he can hold on to those patients and not have them over flood his practice.

How in the world did he produce 103 new patients in one weeks time? Well he did that by using a COA, community outreach assistant. Also he’s taught his associate how to produce new patients and there’s another marketing assistant that helps out his team. So, 11 events, 3 really, really good marketing people, 103 new patients. Now he assembled that solution and that team over a period of time, but it’s killer effective but what are 103 new patients going to do to the practice if they all come in in 1 week and I’ll talk to you about that next.

So I’m imagining in my mind what some of you are thinking about 103 new patients in 1 week. Well probably, I know his statistics; he’ll have 60 of those come in in the period of 10 days. So take his normal new patients and add an additional 6, but that’s an additional 6 report of findings on the following days and then probably people are in care plans. The practice could jump up by 100 or maybe 150 patient visits a week and do that over a period of just about 2-3 weeks, so there were other structural things that he had to do.

He did a minor office remodel, so he changed facilities. He also did some staff adjustments. He included a new patient assistant to work alongside with him and his associate so they would have 3 people who could start new patients at the same time. Also there was another pinch point and that was people checking in and checking out at the front desk. He had his new patient assistant do special work with the new patients away from the desk so he will produce excellent growth.

Now what are all these issues? These issues are capacity issues. One of the capacity issues that everyone believes, not everyone but most people believe, that hold them back is the capacity of low new patients. I have a low new patient production and so that’s my capacity issue, but once you handle that and take care of it with 103 new patients in a week you’re going to need to solve other capacity issues. Now if you’ve ever wondered why your practice grows to a particular level and comes right back down and does that again and again and has this set point that you seem to be stuck at, it’s a capacity issue.

I’m teaching a live training on capacity. We’re going to cover all the things that we listed in the capacity analyzer and we’re going to help you find where your practice has a capacity problem and get it fixed. If I were you I’d consider that. The button right beneath this particular blog will take you right to where you need to go to if you want to learn more about the High Volume, Low Stress live training that’s coming up.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for chiropractors everywhere improving their capacity so they can help more people, have more fun, and make more money.



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