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How to Motivate Your Associates

How to Motivate Your Associates




This is Dr. Noel Lloyd. I’m going to be taking a trip in just a few minutes. I’m standing out here in the rain in my backyard, but I’ve got three brand new clients this week, greats docs, great practices, and they’ve got the same problem.

That is that their associates never were given any direction and quite honestly they’re not motivated, they’re not on the same page and so one of the first things we need to do is to gather the associates in order to move together as a team. In this short video, I’m going to explain to you exactly how you do that.

So this is the thing that I told all three of these brand new clients this week is that we want to get super clear on our chiropractic philosophy. The thing that powers a practice is chiropractic philosophy. I just came out of ChiroFest this last weekend and it was so powerful. So you want to get super clear on your philosophy.

Number two; super clear on practice vision, what do you want this practice to look like? What am I going to recruit my associate to and so I need a practice vision. The practice vision should be the practice vision on its best day. The practice functioning at optimal performance and then also what does that practice look like with your associates. Give them a vision that’s attractive to them as well.

Number three; we’ve got to make sure that we have our goals in line. So if I have my philosophy first, vision second, goals third, the action steps will almost pick themselves and I have something to recruit my associates to.

Now if you’ve got a beautiful, attractive, wonderful vision, good associates will be attracted to that like you are. So if you want to start to get your team together, if you want to start to pull everybody headed in the same direction, give them a direction or a vision to go to.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for successful, wonderful chiropractors and for their associates who also want to be successful, wonderful chiropractors. Talk to you later. Buh Bye.

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