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How to make Chiropractic stronger

How to make Chiropractic stronger




Hi doc, I’ve got encouragement for all of us chiropractors.

I’m here in Michigan right now; I’m at the Grand Rapids airport. Michigan has such a wonderful chiropractic heritage and one of the reasons it does is because the men & women of the state have taken real strong leadership positions in their state association. They work extremely hard on behalf of chiropractors. It’s really a wonderful chiropractic climate here and there are other states that I could mention as well.

One of the things I would really like to encourage you to do is to not only join your state association, but to go to the meetings. Get together with other men & women who support chiropractic, who love chiropractic like you love chiropractic and lend your support. We need soldiers in the battle. There is a battle out there in case you haven’t noticed.

At these two state association meetings, one in Detroit and one here in Grand Rapids, and having a chance to meet with and talk with just absolutely wonderful people. To see new leadership coming up is really heartening and encouraging and to take a look at the old soldiers that have really put in their time and effort on behalf of the profession. Men and women who still come to the state association meetings even though they are retired in order to support the profession. We need that, we certainly do.

This is Dr. Lloyd for Five Star Management, for chiropractic state associations everywhere, because I know that helps.

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