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How to Make 2016 Your Best Ever Year!

How to Make 2016 Your Best Ever Year!



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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to explain how you can make 2016 your BEST EVER year in practice.

We are recently back from a live training that we did in Las Vegas. On Friday we had our Galaxy, high achievers group together and then we had the whole gang together, the Chicago base and the Seattle base, and there we were in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo. One of the great things about the end of the year is we get to hear about all of the wins. It was just absolutely wonderful. Best Ever new patients. Best Ever regular visits. Best Ever production. Best Ever collections and then also Best Ever associate successes.

In fact, while we were there at our Galaxy group, two of our Galaxy members got texts from their associates telling them that they’d broken their clinic overall volume records and record breaking associates as well.

So, how do you break records like that? Well, at the start of the year we kicked off with Making the Most of 2015 and we did that last year about the same time so we could go into this year Making The Most out of the Year, Starting the Year or Finishing the Year Before it Starts.

Now, this year, we’re going to do the same thing and that’s Making the Most out of 2016, Finish the Year Before it Starts and we do this with all of our clients and we want to invite you to join us.

Here’s what I suggest you do. Register for the webinar, in fact the registration link is right here. What I’ll do is walk you step-by-step through the process of Making the Most out of the Year, Finish the Year Before it Starts. Take your team with you as well. Get together. We’ve got a great hand out, it’s a 26-page handout, there are tons of great things you can do in there. You can work this exercise as a team.

So, plan 2016 to be your BEST EVER year in practice. Join us. The link is re-appearing right here so that you can register for this great LIVE webinar. We don’t record it. It’s not something that you can listen to later so you have to join us live for Making the Most Out of the Year. We want to see 2016 be an absolute banner year for you, your associates, and your whole team.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd, for Five Star Management and I know that this is going to help.


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