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How to Keep More Patients for Life!

How to Keep More Patients for Life!



Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video we’re going to take a look at your retention and I’m going to give you two tools that are great for improving patient retention.

If you’re a lifetime chiropractic patient, I’m willing to bet, I know I am and we have a collection of patients that are lifers. People that we might have even inherited from other chiropractic practices and we know that they are never going to do without chiropractic, but that’s a small number when you compare it to all the people that we start.

And so what we are going to do in this video is take a look at where we start to lose people and plug those holes in our leaky bucket because if somebody stays through their relief care, stays through their correction care, stays through strengthening care, they have an excellent opportunity to become a lifetime chiropractic patient. Let’s take a look at the big leaks that come up first, we’ll fix those, and I’ll show you how to find out where they are.

Here’s a metaphor: you’re driving home from church, you’ve got the family in the care, you take this corner and the family falls out of the car and rolls down this grassy hill. You got to stop, you have to bring the car back and pick up the family and put them back in the car.

Well, if that happens two or three times do you think that maybe you might belt the family in a bit tighter, you think you might take that turn a little bit slower, you think you might take another route home?

Well if you found out that there was a place in your practice like the third visit or the fourth visit or the fifth visit or if people just quite coming in, that you’d try to figure out what you did on the first three visits, four visits, five visits and change your strategy so that people would adhere.

Now, here’s the exercise, listen carefully. We’re going to take your last 100 visits. We’re going to remove from that list everybody who has an appointment. Let’s say half of those people are still in some type of care plan. The other half, we’re going to count how many visits they got and we’re going to find out the dangerous point in the clinic.

One doctor came up to me after he did this exercise and he said Noel, “I’m losing 85% of the people in the first four visits, what does that say?” “It says that the first four visits have to change.”

I know that there are those that have done this exercise and they get a little bit nervous or they get a little bit scared or quite honestly they would rather not look at this information. It’s so critical especially since you can fix it.

So here’s what I want you to do. We’re going to take the last 100 patients, we’re going to take everybody who still has an appointment, that’s a person who’s in a care plan and we’re going to remove them from the list. Everybody else, the people who aren’t in a care plan, without an appointment, we’re going to see how many visits they got and we’re going to start to count the places where it’s dangerous in our practice.

“Dr. Lloyd I noticed that most of the people who quite, quite right after the fifth visit.” What we want to do is examine what we do in the first five visits to make sure that we have that as tight and as personal and as clinically sharp as we possibly can. Figure back from the point where we lose people so we can hold onto people.

Now I’ve got the paperwork right down here, you just click on the little bar and you’ll be able to download the paperwork for this. It comes as a SIG project to you and there’s also a retention analyzer. I want you to do this before you show up to the retention training and I want you to take your team through it. Wouldn’t it be great if actually you went to a seminar or a live training on retention and you new exactly what your retention problems were so that you’d be able to grab the things that you know you needed the most. I think so.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management clients, for great retention, for doubling, tripling, quadrupling the patients in your practice that call themselves lifetime chiropractic patients and I know this stuff works.


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