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How to Grow your Own Associates

How to Grow your Own Associates



Hey this is Dr. Lloyd and I am outside in Seattle, in the summer, nice day, and I’m out on the Burke Gilman Trail in front of the Five Star headquarters. I’ve got an idea, it’s kind of like a bee in my bonnet and I have to do this.

I want somebody to do a chiropractic career reception in their office and here’s what it looks like. You go to all of your patients who have teenagers or even middle schoolers who are 12, 11 years old or college students in their 20’s and say, “I’m going to host a chiropractic career reception. We’re going to have a couple patients talk about what chiropractic’s done for them, I’m going to explain what chiropractic has meant to me as a career and I’ve got some information from my alma mater.”

So you have this one-hour reception on a Saturday where you give a version of your New Patient Orientation Class. Maybe if you’ve done dinner with the doc you have some patients who have shared testimonies. I would tell my patients that I want to share their testimonies, that I’m doing a career hour. Maybe you just do this once a year. Maybe you do this in conjunction with kids’ day America and you have an hour reception where you get in the office and get all these students and you challenge them.

My dad challenged me when I was 11 years old. He said, “You’re not too young to think about what you should be doing for a career. You could be a chiropractor, you could help people, you could make a good living, and you could have a good life.” I’ve loved chiropractic. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else and we need to recruit the people who understand and know what chiropractic’s all about and those would be the children of our patients.

Now I would also ask some high schools if they wanted to send some people who are interested in chiropractic as a career over to the office for the reception, but I would love for somebody to do this. Cookies, punch, coffee, tea, answer questions after you do that; invite some patients to share their testimony. We need this and then we send them to our alma maters.

It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for future chiropractors and I hope that somebody does this.

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