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How to get UNSTUCK!

How to get UNSTUCK!



Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

In this short video I’m going to show you how to get unstuck and hold onto practice growth.

So, we just got done teaching the Too Many New Patients workshop to our Seattle group and to our Chicago group and right now we’re taking a group of 60 doctors plus their assistants and CA’s through NP Ninja and we’re having a ton of fun with this.

We’re also getting some great reports from our clients, they’re saying we’re getting an additional 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, one guy an additional 12 new patients in a week. Well, run your PVA at those numbers and you know what’s happening, these practices are starting to grow, but there’s also another issue that’s happening.

Reception areas are starting to clog up a little bit and treatment times are starting to back up a little bit. We’re ready to face one of the biggest problems that keeps your practice stuck and keeps you from holding onto growth and that is capacity! And what we’re going to talk about in this short video is how to increase your capacity.

We meet doctors all the time in Five Star Management and The New Patient Academy that think there only practice problem is new patients. If I only got enough new patients, then all of my problems would be gone. And what we do, is we help them do that. We add an additional 3, 5, 7, 10 sometimes more new patients, every week.

Well, pretty soon they find out they have some other problems and those would be capacity problems. And I am going to define capacity as your ability to handle a certain number of patients. Some doctors have a great capacity, they with ease can handle 100 patient visits in a day and other doctors have a small capacity and they can’t imagine how they could handle 100 patient visits in a week.

What I’m going to do in this next section is take you through some of the key capacity blocks and help you understand how you can increase your capacity, increase your practice volume, and get unstuck.

I was standing at a seminar, at a break, and speaking to a doctor who was real excited about growing his practice. “I loved the material, I plan to add new patients, we’re going to grow this practice up to…” and he gave me a volume.

Standing right next to him was his 19-year old daughter who worked for him in the office as a CA, well she said “Dad, you can’t handle the practice that you have right now. Every single week patients leave because you run so far behind. It happens almost every day.”

And he looked at me in horror and I smiled, touched him on the arm, and said “That’s okay, I got kids, I understand how this works.” But you know what, his daughter did him a tremendous favor because we got in this conversation about capacity.

Now at Five Star Management one of the things that we do is we evaluate our clients’ capacities in 12 different areas.

Have you ever had this happen? You get a great event, maybe add 20 new patients to your practice, but then the pressure in the practice increases and then the volume goes away and you’re back down to what is what, your normal capacity.

I’m going to talk to you about what we call the capacity quiz and the capacity quiz is this piece of paper right here. And on the capacity quiz, we have 12 different areas that our clients go through and they mark and score themselves out. I’m going to give you one right here: treatment time. And that was this doctors’ problem. Listen to this.

“Treatment time: treatment time is short enough to reach your patient goals with relative ease. And what my clients will do is they will mark a 0-10. 10 being great, 0 being don’t ask. And I tell the doctors to involve the CA’s in that question. And what’ll happen is frequently we can find out that the doctor has a time problem. Doctor may talk too much, take too long, do unnecessary protocols. We never want to cheat the adjustment, but we also don’t want to waste time.

There’s another capacity issue here. I had a doctor one time who told me that anytime he saw a new patient on the books, his stomach got in a knot. Well, why is that? Isn’t that the goal, is to grow your practice? Yeah it is, but I don’t know what to charge people. I never charge the same patient or a different patient the same way twice. So he had a procedure problem that has to do with what you charge. Fees.

So there are twelve different areas of capacity that if you want to get unstuck, it might be that you just have one thing that’s really holding you back and what we want to do is be able to find that.

Now, we’re going to have this capacity analyzer for you if you’d like it. All you have to do is send me an email. It’s . Noel,, all spelled out. And we’ll send you the capacity analyzer. If you want to score this out, send it back to me, I’ll even spend time with you on the phone. We’ll do what’s called a strategy session and see if Five Star solutions for your capacity problems aren’t exactly what you need.

So, let’s do this. Let’s grow our practices, let’s serve more people, let’s have more fun, let’s be more successful, and let’s get unstuck and hold onto that growth.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I hope that helps.


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