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How to Get Success That Lasts

How to Get Success That Lasts



Noel Lloyd: Hi Doc.

Steve Jones: Hi.

Noel Lloyd: So give me your name please and tell me where you practice.

Steve Jones: Steve Jones out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Noel Lloyd: And so, Steve, I interviewed you a few years ago and you were seeing someplace around 125, 130+ patients a week. If I understand things correctly, over the last couple of years that’s changed.

Steve Jones: Yes sir, quite a bit.

Noel Lloyd: And so, right now what’s your best ever week in practice and then what do you average?

Steve Jones: 327

Noel Lloyd: Is your best week?

Steve Jones: Yeah and we average 300.

Noel Lloyd: And so you’ve actually increased by 200+ patient visits a week and a average that you sustain of over 180 visits a week more than when we met.

Steve Jones: Yes, yes.

Noel Lloyd: And so, people who are listening and eavesdropping on our conversation, what would you tell them? Tell me what the reasons for that are.

Steve Jones: Well, we have a marketing calendar and we hold everybody accountable to our marketing calendar and we do a lot of great events outside the office. So we do internal and external marketing, including new patient academy.

Noel Lloyd: Okay.

Steve Jones: And it’s allowed us to increase by 200 patients and we’ve sustained that for over a year now.

Noel Lloyd: Now, so you use two of our companies, Five Star Management and New Patient Academy.

Steve Jones: Right.

Noel Lloyd: New Patient Academy helps you with your marketing in what ways?

Steve Jones: Well it trains our staff to go out and promote Chiropractic to local companies and clubs and groups. It shows them how to get the companies to let us come in there and either conduct talks or massage events, and it helps them learn how to convert the people they meet to new patients in our office.

Noel Lloyd: Great. Now, the Five Star side has helped you with some other things. What has the Five Star side helped you with?

Steve Jones: Really, systems. You know, patient intake systems and some payment systems, and when we grew that much, we needed more systems in order to be able to do it and give all the patients the service they deserved. And I think we give better service now at 325 than at 130. You know?

Noel Lloyd: Now that’s interesting. So, somebody who is thinking about being a Five Star Management client or New Patient Academy client, what would you tell that doctor?

Steve Jones: Oh I would say, for us it was a no brainer. I mean we’ve made more money, we’re having more fun than we ever had before, you know. Come to one of the seminars and see if it’s for you.

Noel Lloyd: Okay so, well I want to say congratulations on your wonderful success and I know that you’re going to be bringing on an associate soon and teaching them the wonderful things that you’ve been learning with us and we’re going to help you with the associate as well.

Steve Jones: Exactly.

Noel Lloyd: And so congratulations and thank you for the interview.

Steve Jones: My pleasure, thank you!

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