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How to Get Profitable Associates

How to Get Profitable Associates



Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

You can have an associate that is profitable, makes more money than they cost you, on their very first day. I’ll not only tell you how in this short video, but I’ll interview a young woman, who’s a brand new chiropractor, who did just that and she’ll tell you exactly how we did that.

Well, you know the numbers. 85% of associateships end on a sour note, mainly because nobody frames out the associateship correctly, but number two nobody does the real-world success training that’s necessary for all chiropractors to succeed, especially associates; how to get their own new patients, how to do a super strong day one, super strong day two, how to stay in a patient valued relationship.

Now, if you do this wrong, you’re just another statistic, but if you do this right, your associate can be profitable the first day they have their license. I’m going to do a short interview with Dr. Sarah Blonsky who’s a brand new chiropractor and she’s going to explain how she did it. After that, I’m going to tell you how you can do it too!

Noel Lloyd: So, tell me what your name is.

Sarah Blonsky: Sarah Blonsky.

Noel Lloyd: So it’s recently Dr. Sarah Blonsky, am I correct?

Sarah Blonsky: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: And you recently got your license to practice. How long ago?

Sarah Blonsky: Last week.

Noel Lloyd: Last week, congratulations! That’s so wonderful.

Sarah Blonsky: Thank you!

Noel Lloyd: And so you’ve been practicing with a Five Star Management, Dr. Jay Goldstein. Now, tell the people who are listening to us where you practice.

Sarah Blonsky: In midtown Manhatten.

Noel Lloyd: Midtown Manhatten, it’s the busiest place in the world. It’s where they invented the New York minute, all of that. Right?

Sarah Blonsky: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: And you just came out of the AEP. Do you remember what AEP stands for?

Sarah Blonsky: Associate Empowerment Program.

Noel Lloyd: That’s right, that’s exactly right. And so, what did we do with you in the Associate Empowerment Program?

Sarah Blonsky: Taught us how to be the best we could and bring in patients easily, how to talk to people, and be successful.

Noel Lloyd: So a lot of associates and maybe some of your classmates, never learned, they never got any training in marketing, so what are some of the trainings, and what are some of the assignments in getting your own new patients did you have with me?

Sarah Blonsky: We had to do screenings. First, we started out with one screening a week and then we were brought up to two screenings a week. We had to go out and try to get people to schedule new patient appointments just by doing screenings in places.

Noel Lloyd: And so you got the trainings and then the assignments, we had the videos, we had the PowerPoint presentations, we had the group calls all together, did you gain skill in producing new patients?

Sarah Blonsky: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: K. And so now you just started your practice, am I correct?

Sarah Blonsky: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: And so you told me that you had something really fun the first day of your practice. What was it?

Sarah Blonsky: The first day that I had my license, I saw 3 new patients.

Noel Lloyd: Isn’t that great?

Sarah Blonsky: It is!

Noel Lloyd: Isn’t that super! Now, from the AEP, the Associate Empowerment Project, one of the things that you’ve got is a 60-day action plan so that you can continue to go out there and produce more new patients. Tell me some things that you’ve got in mind to do that as you grow your practice.

Sarah Blonsky: I’m going to continue to do the screenings; I’m doing 2 screenings a week. Bringing in new patients every single week, so as I continue to do that I get more locations, more people that I’m in contact with. I’ve done health fairs now, which is huge.

Noel Lloyd: Oh wow, that is huge!

Sarah Blonsky: Yeah. I’m scheduling more of those. Eventually I’m going to get to 100 patients a week.

Noel Lloyd: Super, and by the way when you do that, especially in the practice that you’re in, you’ll be helping a lot of people, you’ll be having a lot of fun, and you’ll be making great money. Is that right?

Sarah Blonsky: Yes.

Noel Lloyd: Okay. So, if an associate is thinking about getting into the AEP, what would you tell him or what would you tell her? Did I take you out of your comfort zone?

Sarah Blonsky: Yeah, but that was good. When I started out, I was very nervous about going out and trying to get screenings and actually doing the screenings and approaching people because it’s kind of like cold calling. But it gets you very comfortable with it, so it’s like second nature now.

Noel Lloyd: Okay good, super. What else would you say to an associate who’s thinking about doing the AEP, but they don’t know if it’s right for them?

Sarah Blonsky: I would say that they should definitely do it because at the end of it, you are going to have the skills that you didn’t know were out there.

Noel Lloyd: Great, that’s super. Well, we wish you all the best and we know that you’re going to be very, very successful. You’re with a wonderful doctor, you went through a great program, you did really, really well in the program, so congratulations.

Sarah Blonsky: Thank you.

Isn’t that great? All the way through the 8-week Associate Empowerment Project course, Sarah was waiting for her license, but she was also producing new patients for her clinic director, more than paying for herself all the way through her training and then when she was trained and licensed her very first day, 3 brand new patients. She literally, on her first day in practice, had more new patients and more money come in than she cost her clinic director.

Now, if you want to have an experience like that with your associate. If you’re associate wants to be trained. If you would like to feel the same way that Dr. Jay feels and the same way that Dr. Sarah feels and have an opportunity at a wonderful associateship, I want you to click the button below here, which will take you to the Associate Empowerment Project Page, it explains the whole program. Now we’re signing up very, very, very soon, there’s now time to waste, and seats are limited.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and here’s to your next successful associate.

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