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How To Get More Lifetime Patients

How To Get More Lifetime Patients


Hey, would you like to have more lifetime chiropractic patients, people who know and get chiropractic, as well as you do? People who are a treat to work with, people who love chiropractic and love you. Well, of course you would who wouldn’t, what a question, right? Well, this short video, I’m going to tell you how you can get more of those people Into your practice. They’ll stay for a lifetime.

So, here’s the setup, you’re a lifetime chiropractic patient, I’m a lifetime Chiropractic patient, what do I know? What have I seen? What have I experienced? That makes me find a chiropractor, and my chiropractor is Dr. Hugh Wilson, make appointments to go see Dr. Wilson once to twice a month. That’s the best schedule for me unless I screw myself up in some way and I need some more intensive care and then to pay my chiropractor and to stay on a care plan and follow his recommendations and to be a pretty darn good patient because I know and I like chiropractic, know and I like him and his office.

We want our office to be full of people just like that. So, what is it that we know? What is it that we have seen, and what is it that we had experienced that will make us lifetime chiropractic patients that we can share with other people and how do we do that? Well, I’ll cover that in the next segment.

So, number one, what is it that I know about chiropractic? I think about my chiropractic philosophy. Chiropractic says that life comes from above, down, inside out. Are we teaching that? Are we a little bit ashamed if our philosophy because it’s not conventional medicine? I need to speak to my patients about Chiropractic philosophy. The right people will feel this resonance with me when I’m on purpose and I’m in my right philosophy when I talk about the central nervous system controlling the whole body. Then I need to have that conversation with my patients and related to philosophy. This is something I do in my new patient orientation class that comes out at least in part in my report of findings and it’s part of my table talk so doctor means teacher we need to teach we need to educate we need to constantly be talking about this love affair that we have with the philosophy of chiropractic.

What have I seen? I have seen patients come into my office people who had terrible problems, who have suffered for decades get under chiropractic care and do beautifully and make the mistake of thinking that once I’m out of symptoms, I’m out of the woods, and I’m cured instead of I need to keep my spine free of nerve impingement so that I can continue to live healthily and then watch those patients come back into the office and say boy, you know that thing that you talked about maintenance care or a wellness plan, what was that again? So, I’ve seen that I’ve seen that so many times. So, I need to remember that and that’s part of the stories that I need to tell my patients.

And then what have I experienced? Now, I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’m going to, I’m going to be honest here. I will go sometimes a little longer than I should without an adjustment. I don’t feel quite right and I noticed that my energy is low and maybe my throat’s getting a little bit sore and I think how long has it been since I’ve been adjusted? Then I go in I make an appointment and I get adjusted and I’m it’s miraculous all over again.

Now, I’ve been a chiropractic patient for 65 years. I’ve been a chiropractor for almost 50 years. How dumb can I be that I would forget and let myself not only get out of adjustment but get out of a normal care routine and then we take care of these lovely people, lovely people and we expect them to get it if I explain it once or twice or three times. Jim Sigafoose used to talk about telling the story with the patience of Job and you tell the story again and again and again and you reach out in love. Jimmy Parker used to talk about lather love lavishly that seems kind of corny and now doesn’t? But he would sign his letters lll and what is it that chiropractors who love their patients, love their philosophy, love what they’ve seen, love what they’ve experienced share that love of chiropractic and keeping people healthy with their patients.

You know, what that’s going to do that’s going to produce more and more and more lifetime chiropractic patients, patients who get it, patients who end up loving chiropractic because you love chiropractic.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and more people getting under chiropractic care for a lifetime, bringing their children with them and eventually grandchildren for generations upon generations. I’ll talk to you guys later.

Bye. Bye.

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