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How to Get & Keep Motivated Excited Associates

How to Get & Keep Motivated Excited Associates



Would you like to have a super motivated associate who knew how to get their own new patients, who knew how to do a great report of findings, who knew how to keep people in a good care plan all the way up to wellness, and who loved working for you? Well, in this short video I’m going to explain how we do that and we call it working backwards from the phone call.

I can’t tell you the number of times that people have told me that their associate is demotivated and I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve said to the clinic director, “Well, why should they be motivated and working for you?” I had this guy look at me and he said, “Uh I don’t know, what do you think?”

So let’s do this. Let’s work backwards from the phone call. Here’s what I mean. The associate has left the clinic, they’ve gone home, it’s a little bit late, they call their parents every Tuesday night let’s say, and they’re on the phone and they’re excited about the opportunity that they have with you. “Hey, Dr. Lloyd’s helping me learn how to see new patients and my practice is growing and I just set a record and I’m almost at bonus!”

Well, how do you get to that point that they go home and make a phone call like that because that’s the natural enthusiasm and motivation that you want to instill in your associate if you want them to be productive, helping people, having fun, and making money and doing the same for you. In the next segment I’m going to cover how we do that.

It’s a pretty good question isn’t it? Why would your associate be motivated? Why would they hop on the phone on a Tuesday night when they call their parents and be excited about their associateship with you? This is the answer. They need to be in a winning game. They need to be able to see and understand how the dreams that put them in Chiropractic College are being furthered in their associateship. I want to see my associate help people, have fun, and make money.

This is what I believe is the 3-step process.

Number one, you need a new paradigm. Just going to work for you as an exam dog, adjusting your overflow, and good luck with your own practice is the old paradigm. It breaks at a terrible rate, about 85%, so we need a new paradigm. The paradigm looks like this. I want to hire an associate who I plan to develop with the success tools that they need in order to be super successful next to me. “Well Noel if I do that they’ll leave.” “No if you do that, they’ll stay.”

It’s my experience that people who are in dead-end, terrible jobs leave quickly and people who are being developed, mentored in their associateship stay. Number one, you need a new paradigm.

Number two, you need to know how to hire the right person. There are wrong people to hire. You need to hire the right person, the right way. Do what we call bring them in through the right door so that they understand what the expectations are and that you frame out an exciting journey.

Number three, you need to launch correctly. When I hire a brand new associate, while the ink is still wet on the contract, we are working to make sure that they are successful. They get their first success assignments. I tell them and it’s true I really am, I’m their advocate I want to see them do very, very well and I have a plan that’s all laid out.

This is what I call Win-Win Associate Development. I’ve done 10 clinics, I’ve had over 70 Associates, sold those 10 clinics to 10 associates, and I’m going to teach Win-Win Associate Development in Atlanta, GA on May 19. It’s just a week away and I would love to have you join us. You can join us for very, very little money.

There’s a little box down here below where you can click that and it’ll take you to a landing page. You’ll see everything that we cover. I’ve got great notes; I’m going to teach you the concepts that you need to know. You will be prepared to make all the right decisions so that you can have a win-win associate. I want to see you have an associate that’s excited about their associateship and that you’re excited because you’re winning as well.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. I’ll talk to you later, buh bye.

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