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How to Get and Stay Motivated!

How to Get and Stay Motivated!


Have you ever wondered why some people are able to stay motivated and excited about chiropractic throughout the entire day, the entire week, the entire month, quarter, and the entire year? Well, in this short video I’m going to share, I believe, a secret for staying motivated your entire career.

I just got back from getting adjusted. ASRP, 4th cervical, first rib. I feel like a billion dollars! I’m so grateful that I’m not only a chiropractor, but I know a great chiropractor who really, really gets my neck right. There’s another thing that we did today that gets my head right and that was I gave an assignment to the Five Star Management clients, share a great patient testimony that you had in the month of June.

I’ve been reading all these wonderful stories. What people are saying about you guys is just absolutely wonderful. You’ve heard me say this before; I’ll say it again. Chiropractic never looks better than when it’s lived out in the lives of our patients. If you want to stay on purpose, if you want to stay motivated, keep the chiropractic miracles close to your eyes.

Now you might have staff trouble and you’ll have to deal with that. You might have other difficulties or challenges, but I used to have a book of 12 testimonies that I kept on my desk, not in my desk, on my desk right on the top. It was a small 3-ring binder and I would flip open to the plastic sleeves that had the patient testimonies. I’d take a look at the faces and I’d read the before stories and I’d read the encounter stories and I’d read what life was like after. I could read 4, 5, 6 of those.

In fact I had some favorite go-to testimonies. One was called the newest testament written by a man named Tony. I remember picking Tony up and putting him on a closet shelf and carrying him down with his friends and a couple of my friends, putting him in the back of a station wagon and driving him to Sound Chiropractic Center, Lloyd Chiropractic Center at that time. Putting him on a table and adjusting him and bringing the table up and having him walk and having him look at me and say, “It’s a miracle.”

When we keep the miracles, the little miracles: the little constipated boy who now isn’t, the mother who used to have migraines who now doesn’t, the young father who had such terrible pain and now doesn’t. Keeping those miracles in front of us keeps us on purpose, number one, and number two keeps us excited. There’s a reason to go to the office. There’s a reason to outline great care plans.

There’s a reason to do great marketing because we are actually reaching out into our communities and we’re finding people who sometimes come a little bit reluctantly. I had a guy come into my office one time and said, “I’m only here because my wife makes me come and let’s get this over so I will have satisfied that and get her off my back.” He became one of my strongest advocates and one of my greatest testimonies. His name was Jonas B. Yutzy. How’s that for a great name?

If you want to stay motivated for an entire career, stay focused on the chiropractic miracles that we understand through our philosophy. That life and health does come from above, down, inside out and you are very, very fortunate indeed to be a chiropractor.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Let’s stay motivated. Buh bye.

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