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How to Find the Best Marketing Strategy

How to Find the Best Marketing Strategy


All right. Hey, hey, hey. All right. You know, I’m not sure why this happens. Hey, Shelby, how are you? All right, Nicole, you’re here with us? Shelby looks like you’re just waken’ up. So, you know, one of the things that I’m not sure what happens is when I get on it basically kicks everyone out and then you all have to get back in. It makes no sense to me. All right. Brandon there downtown Chicago, having fun of Cloth Orient suburbs of Chicago. Most dangerous city in the country right now. How about that? I never think of things like the dangerous pieces, but they are. They absolutely are. Aren’t they? All right. Let me pull up. Hey I’m to put in a video that walks you through. This is a video of um A buddy of mine. Who’s quite successful on building Facebook audiences. I’m gonna drop this into the zoom chat. You can watch this later on. If I can get back and find it. There you are. All right. There’s a, this is a file that walks you through it from a digital marketers perspective. Hey, did everyone have a chance to upload a digital or upload and create a look like audience or No, not yet? Yes.

I wasn’t a, I didn’t miss last Wednesday. So what did you? Is that when you went over it? No. WE went on.. Yeah, well, last Monday. I got caught in Minneapolis of all the places to get caught. I got caught in Minneapolis. So the video I just put in her, Walk you through it, walk you through it. And then we’re going to go over one other document today straight out of the Facebook center. And I’m gonna put this link in here too. These too are gonna walk us through, I’ll walk through it. The only reason, and this is a this is a challenge we don’t normally run into but the reason I can’t walk you through live is because of HIPAA. And so I can’t put patient emails up on the screen. Does that make sense? Because that becomes a major security violation in the world of the government. So, well you have to do this a little bit of the old fashioned way but I’m gonna share a screen right now and it’s a screen on exactly how to do it. We’ll walk through it together and then I’ll like I’ll let you guys go in order to pull this off in order to go and do this. So let me share this screen. We’re going to talk through it right? Okay, good. No, last Wednesday we were talking about I don’t remember what we done. I think we had to cancel last Wednesday.

It was last week. It was a weird week, but all right. So before you begin, one of the keys to understand about putting together Facebook list and uploading them is mapping mapping is when, when you download a CSV file you have to follow the formatting guidelines. So that Facebook knows that each column is what the column is. So when we make a custom audience from your client list, you download your client list out of your software as a CSV file or a text file. But you have to make sure that it has the headers. So you wanna download it with a header list. And then when you open up that identifier, you they have a formatting guideline right here. I’ll put this in. Let me pull this page up. Why did you not open for me? Oh, is that link broken? All right. I’m gonna have to get you the formatting guideline. Cause for whatever reason, if this isn’t opening leave it to the grand old internet.

So, first name has to appear as F N last name L N right?. And this is the Facebook page. So, for whatever reason, it’s not there links aren’t working, can’t help that But there they have templates that you can follow to map out your CSV file. You have to make sure, that the headers are what the headers need to be. Once you have the download list and you have the headers identified properly then all you do Say it again? How’d you get to that page? you’re on now It’s in the chat box.
Oh, is, it that one in the links? Okay Yeah. Cool. Oh, here’s the formatting list. I’m gonna put this in there too. Right? So, formatting guide. So yeah, there’s the format. So, you know, like email has to be email, phone is phone but just notice that they’re all lower case in the headers, right? You may not have a mobile advertiser ID or a Facebook app user ID on your patient list. Right? You may just have first name, last name and emails.

Okay. Don’t worry too much about it. The the bigger piece to focus on here is to just get the list up However, you can get it up there. So then let me see if I can download this file template. And this looks like, it just says the same thing, that’s what I just showed you. So, then you know, this walks you basically straight through it, right here. This is, this is what a proper formatted list looks like. Let me show you on here. This is from a Klaviyo list. Klaviyo is just another one, but you see email, email, email phone, phone, phone, phone, and then if they had an ID that’s all it looks like. So you can just see that your headers match up with the type that it’s in there. Not magic right? All right. Where are… there All right, so when we add our customer list, just go into the ads manager. One of the homework assignments from two weeks ago was to make sure you have an ads manager set up. I got an email the other day that said, well how much are these ads gonna cost? It doesn’t matter. We’re not running ads right now. All we’re doing is setting it up to see if they can create a custom audience. That would make sense if we ran ads, does that make sense?

So we get this all set up and then we’re gonna choose to test out ads So the dollar a day or $5 a day, but we’re not doing any of that yet. The game here is, is to run an ad for a dollar and make a dollar 20. You see what I mean? Because the moment we have an ad, that’ll generate any amount of profit then we can put five or 10 or a hundred dollars behind it and then scale it. But I put this link right up into this document for you. Okay. And that should be that very first link, or the second link after the video. Let me make sure. Yeah. Here, same thing. So then we’re gonna add a customer list. We’re gonna create a custom audience in your ads manager. Once in the account, go to audiences, create audience, custom audience, and from your customer list make sure your list is prepped, right? So it’ll map properly. And then it’s gonna tell you, what’s mapped right and what’s mapped improperly.

Remember Facebook only has one goal to get you to run ads right? It’s to get you to run ads so that you’ll spend more and more money with them. So they want this to work for you. So you check your green, your green marks and your yellow marks and upload the list. Upload your list, hit, create. And then you had to wait 24 hours. And in 24 hours what Facebook is gonna do is compare your list the emails on your list. They’re gonna spy on all those people. I know it’s kind of creepy, but it still works that way but they’re going to spy on all those people. They’re going to see what magazines they read, what dogs they have, where they like to shop. And then they’re gonna find a group local to you inside of where you want them to be. And they’re gonna tell you, these people are exactly like the people who are already coming into your clinic. Does that make sense? So once we get that then we can put additional caveats in there. One of the additional caveats we love is that people like natural health care they’re secondary search categories.

We’d like people who like natural health care. And we like people who are within 10 miles of your clinic. Got it? Perfect. All right. There’s your homework for today. So, on Wednesday, we’re gonna take another look at social media, but on Thursday, I’d like to I’d like to know that you got to look alike, audience built. This is a skill that you have to know whether you’re gonna run ads or not. This is the most powerful way to build an audience to advertise on Facebook. And if we’re bringing in social media, into the COA program you have to have the skill. All right? There’s your homework. Any questions for me right now, everyone good? All right. I’ll talk to you on Wednesday and then on Thursday. Bye. Thanks, bye. Bye

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